In Game Advertising – A marketing shift

Current figures show clearly that media habits of the highly courted target group of from 18-year-olds have changed dramatically. On average people within this group spend an hour less per day in front of the TV than older adults. Games have taken on an important role in the entertainment programme of all age groups, altering the traditional understanding of living rooms and PCs across the world.

With a slight delay, the marketing and promotion industry has reacted to this trend by integrating such in game advertising into their regular planning and budgeting. Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH has several years of experience in this field, reaching a total of 15 million gamers across the world through their high-quality, free-to-download games. A refined software system provides detailed statistics in the games, whilst also measuring the so-called ‘adimpressions’.

The most recent generation of IGA software has been in operation at Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH since summer 2008 and it has accurately reported valuable usage figures – including Football Challenge for the first time. The system is based on so-called ‘full-banner equivalents‘, whereby the system automatically converts the presentation of the advertising within the game into the size of a full banner (468×60 pixels). As a result, the pricing for advertising is much more transparent and can be calculated into online budgets without complication.

Together with ESB (Europäische Sponsoringbörse), annual studies to measure the value of advertising are carried out for Ski Challenge in every country where the game is licensed. The advertising values calculated by specialists regularly exceed the expectations of loyal advertising customers in Greentube games (including T-Mobile, Samsung, Nokia, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Sony Ericsson, Adidas, Canon, Red Bull and Siemens).