7 ways to successfully attract the right candidates for Greentube

7 ways to successfully attract the right candidates for Greentube

  1. Know how to approach the IT and Development Specialists

This is a tech company, so yes, we have many ‘geeks’ in our ranks, and we love them! The difficulty for us in recruiting lies in finding the right ways to attract these specialists and to interest them in our company. Greentube itself has the advantage that we can offer innovative tech stacks and an incredible amount of data. These are two of the areas that are very interesting for our target group of IT & Development. In addition, the company environment is very international and we support relocations (including family) as well as the entire work permit process. Nevertheless, we regularly deal with the question of the requirements and wishes of our target groups. By being in close contact with our employees, we strive to have an understanding of their needs and desires, which also helps us to get an understanding for our applicants.

  1. Don‘t ever sleep

We recruit worldwide. We currently have over 40 nationalities in the company, and we want that to increase. This global outlook means that there is no time of day or night when we cannot receive applications. Through our years of experience, we try to support our employees from all over the world as best as possible and to stand by with advice and action whenever they need it. This can be through help with moving, looking for accommodation, understanding the Austrian tax system or general employment law issues. Apart from an exciting, interesting and demanding job, we try to offer potential applicants an all-round care package to allay any fears that may arise when moving to a new country. By creating an even more international and diverse company culture, we hope to continuously ensure our employees’ wellbeing and offer them room for innovation.

  1. Be on good terms with the Austrian authorities

A valid work permit is essential for many of our employees. We continuously submit red-white-red and blue cards. These processes are essential for us, and we rely on good cooperation with the Austrian authorities. Despite our broad wealth of experience in this area, we are continually learning new things and try to create processes with the authorities that are as efficient and quick as possible. In the operational implementation and support of our future employees, we also trust an agency with which we have been working for a long time. The global pandemic also made it important to adapt quickly to the new processes.

  1. Show off with your equipment/your tools/your technologies

Always stay up to date! Keep track of new technologies and be willing to purchase new equipment and tools if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Our technologies vary significantly from business unit to business unit, so it can often be challenging to keep an overview of these across the entire company. These tools and tech are meticulously selected depending on the various departments’ purpose and they are continually updated, exchanged and reorganized. Therefore, it is essential we also remain up to date and informed about our current operations, tools and technologies.

  1. Praise team events and goodies

Innovative goodies, healthy food and target group-specific events are an important part of a well-functioning community within a company. We are constantly expanding our repertoire of give-aways, onboarding packages and discounts for our employees. It is particularly important for us to align ourselves with the preferences of our employees. An onboarding package is now a standard part of our welcome process. Before the pandemic, Greentube was famous for its large number of company events, at which the team spirit of the company can always be clearly felt. We can’t wait to start organizing regular events again and are really looking forward to finally meeting all our colleagues in person.

  1. Offer flexibility

Good ideas and innovative approaches need time and the right environment to develop and flourish. Offering a flexi-time working system is an essential aspect to offer ‘freedom’ to employees. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learned that a balanced mix of office presence and working from home is a very suitable option for many employees and that productivity usually increases as a result. Depending on our employees’ preferences and needs, it is therefore quite easy for them to create a tailor-made work model, aligning their working life with their private life in the most convenient way for them.

  1. Be transparent about further development opportunities

Knowing which career options a company offers gives you security and the prospect of a career. However, it is often the case that employees themselves do not always have the drive for further development or perhaps lack the confidence to take the next step. This is why it is important for companies to create transparency around this topic. Our newly developed career paths are a step in this direction.

In addition to this, our employees have the opportunity to apply internally for advertised positions at any time. If an employee who is looking for further development is unable to find the right position, then they have the possibility to send a speculative internal application. When this happens, we will attempt to find a suitable position by creating a skills profile of the employee or assess possible training options that could lead to getting a specific position or promotion in the future. Absolute discretion is, of course, required here.

We are aware that the labour market is very competitive, which is why Greentube has a lot to offer to potential new employees and applicants. As recruiters, we have to be aware that our role is not just to hire new talent but also to sell the company to these applicants, and to present it in the best way possible. Recruiters must also act as consultants who are always available to answer questions on many different topics and also act as feel-good people who help foster a positive working environment and culture within the company.

To satisfy our applicants, we strive to improve and re-invent our job continually. The best reward for us is hiring people who benefit and learn as much from the organisation as the organisation itself can benefit from them. The perceived organisational support for our candidates and employees should always be positive and foster innovation.

This is in no way the end of the story. We are continually trying to expand our repertoire of approaches. Feel free to comment on one of our social media channels if you know of any other ways to attract the right candidates to our company. We’d love to discuss this topic with you!