Boomerang Employees

Boomerang Employees

What is your job title?
Laszlo: I am Brand Manager for Germany. 

Beate:I work as Senior Marketing Technology Manager. 

Ales:My job title is Senior Software Developer. 

Sergii:  I’m a Platform Architect. 

Nicole: I work as a Data Intelligence Administrator. 

How would you describe what you do to someone who has no idea what any of the jargon means? If you can, in no more than five words.
L: I manage an online casino. 

B: I advise Casino Operation Units.  

A: I’m a backend C# developer. 

S: I design software systems.  

N: I keep the servers alive. 

What are the key things you (or your team) are responsible for?
L: The key thing for us at the moment is making sure our German brand is profitable.  

B: Those would be implementation, maintenance, support & consultancy of externally supplied services. 

A: I would say the development of software for integrations of Greentube games into other casinos and offering technical support of said integrations. 

S: We’re responsible for the overall software and infrastructure architecture. 

N: That’s easy: data, data, data. 

You worked at Greentube for some time, left for another position/company and then returned. Why did you decide to re-join Greentube?
L: First and foremost, I came back because of the positive memories I had from my first employment at Greentube: 

  • The togetherness of the employees and the unique work atmosphere where you can approach anyone anytime, even the team leads, heads or the board, and how their doors are always open. 
  • My managers and the guidance I received from them at Greentube helped me grow both personally and professionally. 
  • Greentube is a huge family where colleagues and teams like to see each other during working hours and after work. 
  • The fact that you can really progress in your career if you bring new ideas and proactivity to the table, and if you care about what you do. This is an instant recipe for success at Greentube. 
  • The technical setup of our offices, the software and all the gadgets we receive from our IT department to carry out our work.  
  • The online gaming industry itself – it is a fast-moving, ever-changing environment where every day is different. And these are not just marketing buzzwords in this case. 

But in addition to this, I also came back because my previous employer did not offer me any or most of the above. That contrast became more and more apparent every day. 

 B: I decided to return for a couple of reasons: 

  • New Leadership of my Team. 
  • The work environment is inviting, and new ideas are welcomed and discussed respectfully amongst diverse teams. 
  • There’s a flat hierarchy and a truly lived “open door” policy. 
  • The teams are trusted to explore options and new ideas. 
  • There’s little to no bureaucracy for little things. 
  • Expertise and different personalities are valued. 
  • Greentube has a great team spirit with a strong willingness to find solutions rather than focusing on “why it’s not possible to do this or that”. 
  • Proactivity and the hands-on mentality are genuinely valued. 
  • There’s room to grow and learn constantly.

A: I left Greentube because I was unhappy with several things, but leaving and going to another company made me realise:  

  • I had very good friends and a great working relationship at Greentube, something I wasn’t offered in my new job.   
  • How important it is to have a stable job, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • That it is important to make sure your priorities are right. I think I initially left Greentube for all the wrong reasons. 

S:  I came back because Greentube… 

  • Is a very dynamic company that sets quite ambitious goals and always finds ways to achieve them.  
  • Pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you develop.  
  • Is a challenging environment, and that’s exactly what I need.

N: I definitely came back because of the people – I missed them and their way of working. 

How easy was it for you to return? What thoughts did you have before reapplying? 

L: Returning to Greentube was very easy. I kept in contact with my colleagues and previous managers even after I left Greentube – this also shows that your colleagues can become friends here. I knew what to expect and how to approach the situation. I had no negative or concerning thoughts before reapplying. I was looking forward to talking to my future manager. After my return, everybody was very helpful in introducing me to new colleagues or new software that they had started using while I was gone. 

B: The entire process was very straightforward. 

A: It was a good time. I was warmly welcomed by everybody in the team and the company. I also returned during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how professionally Greentube handled everything.  

S: After three years at Greentube, many of my colleagues had become friends, and I kept in touch with them even after leaving to work for another company. So I was in the know about the most important changes within the company, and it was a straightforward decision to come back. 

N: I was still in contact with my friends at Greentube. We talked a lot, so I returned, but in a different position. 

 What was different about joining the company for the second time? 


  • The interview & onboarding process
    The onboarding process was much faster – I already knew the tools, the key people, the organizational chart, the culture and how to approach everybody.  
  • The company in general
    The company didn’t stop growing and restructuring while I was away – so the biggest difference was how the teams were built up, where they were sitting and so on. And, of course, there were many new faces in the company who hadn’t been there when I left or were not in the same positions when I returned. So, this meant forging new connections and getting to know new people. 
  • The position
    The position was completely different from what I held before, but I immediately knew what was expected of me because I had worked with brand managers in my previous role. 
  • The office
    The most significant difference was probably the empty office because due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were still working from home, which is still the case now.  The office used to always be a noisy place with completely booked meeting rooms hosting people exchanging ideas. But nowadays, every meeting is held virtually. Some prefer it like this – but I enjoy seeing my colleagues every once in a while. Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation. 


  • The interview & onboarding process  
  • The position itself 
  • The fact that the company developed on all levels and established a stronger value proposition. 
  • I also noticed that the things that are not working are immediately changed rather than just accepting the status quo. 


  • The interview & onboarding process 
  • The position 
  • I rejoined just two months after I left, so Greentube was still the same.


  • The interview & onboarding process – I didn’t have a real interview the second time around, it was more an alignment call as I was invited by Greentube to come back 
  • The company in general – many things have changed positively since I left, and this was already noticeable in the first days after I returned. 


  • The interview & onboarding process – it was still exciting even though I already knew a lot of people. 
  • The company in general – the first time around, everything was new. The second time, it felt like returning to the family. 
  • The position has changed, I now work in a completely different area, which is very exciting.

What advice would you give to people leaving a company and thinking about returning to the same one? 

L: If you think this is the right decision and the next step in your career, go for it. Personally, I am happy that I left Greentube and tried something new and different, but I am even happier that I could return. I was able to see how another big international company works in a different industry, how their teams are set up and managed, and what my chances were to develop and improve my skillset there.  I immediately realised that even though some of the points I had previously criticised Greentube for were true, that didn’t erase all the positive things Greentube offers its employees. 

B:  Reflect on why you left in the first place and think about what would make you leave again. Try to see if there is a pattern and check if the circumstances persist. Consider if returning gives you a mid-to-long-term perspective in your career development. Inform yourself about potential changes at your old workplace.   

S: Don’t be afraid to try something new – this helps you to develop. But, and this is even more important, reconsider your choice and how you feel about that new place. If it is not good enough for you, then return to the place where you felt at home. You are always welcome, but don’t forget to think twice before doing something. You may not always be able to return. 

N: Be open-minded and talk to the people there; think about the company, why you want to come back, and go for it. 

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