Greentube around the globe – An in-depth look at our subsidiaries – Part II

Greentube around the globe – An in-depth look at our subsidiaries – Part II


Greentube Slovakia – our rock in Central Europe.

Another country which can already offer two Greentube offices is Slovakia. With one office in Kosice and another one that is currently growing on a large scale in Bratislava, we’ve got options in the east and the west of this lovely country.

Greentube Slovakia used to be a small subsidiary developing NovoSDK games. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the board took a strategic decision to extend the services offered by Greentube Slovakia and promote it to one of the biggest development centres within the Greentube group. The close location to the headquarters in Vienna encourages close collaboration between employees in both locations. Our Slovakian subsidiary accepted the challenge of extending its services and has grown significantly in recent months despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Greentube Slovakia offers services for the three verticals: Operations (product analytics and conversion rate optimisation), Games (contribution to NovoSDK and MYNT ecosystems) and Platform (development of platform core transaction services, back-office systems and integration of game suppliers).

Company culture is an important aspect of Greentube Slovakia. The teams are open-minded, skilled professionals, motivated by learning and development and by reaching mutual goals. If you want to be successful in this office, you need to be keen on teamwork and transparent communication. Also, one of our colleagues from the development team mentioned: “working for all three verticals gives us a lot of different challenges and interesting topics for day to day business”.

In addition to this, Greentube Slovakia offers modern offices in the old town of Bratislava and the office in Kosice. Both offices are filled with awesome, talented people who contribute to a family environment where they enjoy spending time with each other.


Greentube Serbia – Our rising star in Eastern Europe

Our rising star at the moment in terms of building up a site from scratch is Greentube Serbia. The Serbian office is located in the city centre of Belgrade, and the goal is for it to become one of the tech hubs of the Greentube group.

According to our colleague, the HR manager at the Serbian office, “Greentube Technologies RS in Serbia is a new subsidiary with great energy and awesome people that are our rock stars!” ?

Employees there mainly provide technical support and their expertise to our platform and games vertical at Greentube Austria. Our colleague strives to keep the culture as open and positive as possible. She places special importance on efficient communication processes and a friendly and understanding approach between all employees. Understanding each other and equality are also extremely valued and nurtured.


Our industry experts – Greentube UK

A long-serving partner in a country where one of the industry’s biggest fairs (ICE) takes place yearly is Greentube UK.

What makes Greentube UK special? Well, we asked one of our colleagues in the Business Intelligence team for first-hand insights. He has been at the company for nearly three years, and what makes it special for him is that you, “feel like part of a family and that everyone is so supportive.” He also told us that Greentube UK is growing day by day, something which is lovely to see.

“The work-life balance at Greentube UK is great,” he said, “The flexible working hours, work social events, and the support received are amazing benefits for working at Greentube UK. Also, having the opportunity to meet with colleagues at Greentube Vienna is a highlight for me, as it is great to collaborate with a wide variety of cultures.”

He also mentioned that it is a pleasure to work at Greentube UK because management really cares about individual growth and tries to support you as much as possible with the decisions you take. “You feel like a valued member of the team right from the get-go”, he added.

The UK office is located in Nottingham, which offers great cultural diversity within the city as well as a ton of amazing places to eat and explore. Also, Nottingham is most known for its links with Robin Hood.


Rich in history – our Greek subsidiary, Abzorba

If you want to work for us from the historically rich country of Greece, then you’ll want to look at opportunities with our subsidiary, Abzorba!

At AbZorba Games, our colleagues pride themselves on creating superb, high-quality multiplayer games. Their focus is on excellence of execution and demand the very best at all times from their highly motivated team. They push themselves hard in this fast-moving industry whilst enjoying every minute. The company’s culture promotes communication, collaboration, commitment and creativity. All team members are strongly encouraged to share their ideas and passion for creating high-quality games.

AbZorba Games is specialized in building tabletop casino games and slots for mobile, desktop and land-based machines (Plurius). AbZorba’s suite of games includes the newly created social casino application Diamond Cash Slots, but also Live Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Baccarat in different formats including single-player, multiplayer and virtual dealer games for social and cash.

Working at AbZorba Games, all employees are given the opportunity for self-improvement, learning, teamwork and having fun! At the same time, the company provides competitive compensation and rewards with personal and company bonus schemes in place.

The office is based directly in Athens, a modern, vibrant megalopolis, full of energy, day and night with a wonderful climate and sun! After a day’s work, it is easy to meet up with friends for a stroll, coffee or drinks. There are also lots of parks and sightseeing opportunities that cover almost every personal interest. Going a little outside of the city, one can also enjoy the sea!


Always a warm welcome – our Canadian subsidiary, Bluebat!

Across the Atlantic, our Canadian subsidiary Bluebat, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is ready to welcome you with open arms!

Bluebat Games is a company that has employees from all over the world. They are a very diverse team and learned to speak the same language, which is the games language. The company is special because it manages to bring together people in a meaningful way, everyone working towards the same results. Bluebat provides a B2B white label social casino solutions to land-based casinos. Along with the product, our colleagues there also support their clients in their Liveops, Design, BI/Analytics and Customer Service efforts.

Bluebat offers a culture that relies on diversity and trust. Employees there strongly believe that diversity is what helps them to innovate. Trust is what helps achieve goals. Other than that, working for Bluebat Games is great because it is the perfect combination of B2B and B2C. It brings together the fascinating B2B world and combines it with the amazing work that we have to do for the players of the games. “We have a winning mentality and no matter what challenge they face, the team is always up for it”, said one of our colleagues based in Vancouver..

“We work from all over the world, while the majority of Bluebat employees are still in Vancouver”, he added. The subsidiary doesn’t restrict its talent to Vancouver, even if the city is a hub for talent in the gaming industry. Vancouver is one of the most ethnically diverse cities, with amazing food and with the most spectacular views, surrounded by mountains. Who wouldn’t like Vancouver?!


Our newest member – Greentube Netherlands

One of our most recently acquired subsidiaries is Greentube Netherlands, which has its origins in land-based gaming.

Most employees started their careers developing fruit machines for various European markets. The GT Netherlands team was established in 2013 from different companies of the Novomatic Netherlands group and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of gaming machine games.

An important activity of the subsidiary is developing online and mobile versions of popular gaming machines with a focus on their home market the Netherlands, but they also have a long history of developing games for Norway and Hungary. Apart from online games, GT Netherlands also develops games for VLT machines.

The company has an informal company culture and a flat hierarchy. It is a small team of 18 people, many with more than 10 years in the industry and several more than 25. The employees are very loyal, no one has left since the inception in 2013.

When asked, one of the employees had this to say about working for Greentube Netherlands: “I love working here because we make fun products! It’s a nice bunch of people with a good team spirit.”

With the company now part of the Greentube Group, even more opportunities will become available for ambitious and talented people!

Once again, we would like to point out that if we have sparked your interest in any of the introduced subsidiaries you can find out more about these on the careers section of our website. Also, check out our currently vacant positions  – in case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We’d be very happy to welcome you as the next member in our international Greentube family!