Greentube around the globe – An in-depth look at our subsidiaries  

Greentube around the globe – An in-depth look at our subsidiaries  

One of the main characteristics of our company is internationality and diversity. This begins with the platforms we own, the staff we hire and finally, the many locations we have around the world. Greentube is an international company, and this expansion is happening continuously.  

We often make candidates aware of our different locations during the interview process and the many opportunities to work for Greentube from various countries. For some of them, it is still surprising how many different locations the Greentube group can offer. Therefore, we would like to introduce our subsidiaries over the course of two articles.  

To get direct insights about our subsidiaries – their culture, work environment, locations, and specifics – we interviewed some of their employees to tell us more about their own perceptions and thoughts.  


Vienna – where it all began 

Our headquarters, and the biggest Greentube office with nearly 500 employees, is located in Vienna. The office is in Wiedner Hauptstraße 94, 1050 Vienna, close to the main train station and is the location where you would work if employed for “GTA” as we call it, meaning Greentube Austria and Funstage. More information about GTA, its culture and recruiting process can be found in our previous articles in the “insights & tips” section.  

In our offices in Vienna, we are constantly hiring new people from many different professions and in various areas like IT, software development, marketing, finance, administration and much more. Vienna is known for its great quality of life and this is why people from all over the world choose to relocate to join us in our Viennese headquarters. With almost 50 different nationalities in one location, we consider this office to be very international and rich in diversity, which is something that we appreciate a lot. 


Greentube Graz – our subsidiary in the south of Austria 

In addition to the headquarters in Vienna, we also have a smaller office in Raaba, Graz. The business unit covered by our colleagues in Raaba is SBG-Pluris. This server-based gaming platform unites land-based and online gaming into one single wallet omni-channel solution. To be more specific, the research and development team, the product management team, the operations team and the business development team of SBG are located there.  

After asking one of the local colleagues, it was clear that diversity, collaboration and support are the words that stand for the subsidiary. Diversity in the sense of international, cultural and technical aspects. Cross-team collaboration throughout all levels – remotely and locally. The colleagues know each other well and there is always someone available for support, a chat, or simply have a coffee or play table football. Sharing information from different fields and spotting connection points is very common during small talk. More information about the office near Graz can be found on our homepage.  


Platogo – our subsidiary in Vienna 

Last, but certainly not least in Austria, we have Platogo, our subsidiary located in the 3rd district of Vienna. Seventeen people work at this company that still proudly has the character of a start-up. Platogo allows everyone the possibility to be a feature owner and it offers people the perfect environment to learn and try out exciting new technologies. Also, every employee there has an individually designed avatar.  

Platogo covers expertise in the area of multi-region platforms, agile product development, cloud hosting, scaling systems and process improvements. To put Platogo in the words of its employees:  

“Everyone helps out, there is a good feedback culture, and the company gives you lots of freedom. We are passionate but also laid-back, and we place a lot of trust in each other.  Everyone is willing to take responsibility instead of waiting to get it assigned. We are always open for discussions and try to find the best solutions that suit everyone, rather than a “my way or the highway” mentality. 

If all that made you curious, check out the vacant positions and get to know our colleagues in an interview. Oh, and did we mention that Platogo’s Director is a developer himself who actually codes? 


Magnificent Malta – Greentube’s 2nd home!  

Greentube Malta is the home of our second biggest location. With more than 80 employees, our subsidiary on this beautiful island offers expertise in fraud, finance, regulatory compliance, customer service, platform compliance and IT. The cooperation between the Malta and Vienna office is very close and sharing ideas and know-how is really beneficial for staying up-to-date with the newest trends and changes. 

Our colleague, the Head of HR at Malta, gave us direct insights into what is so special about Greentube Malta: She said that is clearly the “live by your values” culture that the company has. “It is not just a marketing ploy when we say that when you join, you join a family and a community. No one is just a number and we truly embody this way of working and interacting with each other no matter how large we grow in size. The company culture can be described as extremely down to earth and grounded. We work with a very flat structure so that no matter who you are or what position you take on, there is a sense of equality and understanding of one another. Our culture is also diverse and we consciously make efforts to continue building on this.”  

Due to their personalized approach, the HR team places great importance on giving employees more individual attention to help improve their well-being and overall work life. This spans many topics such as training opportunities, progression opportunities, employee motivation and well-being and even recruitment. Our HR colleagues there constantly seek feedback from their team members to enhance this even further! 

What employees appreciate most about living and working in Malta is that it is a hub for igaming companies, which means that Greentube Malta is constantly exposed to the buzz and fast-paced nature of the industry. And there’s one added bonus about working in Malta – sun and sea. ? More insights about our Maltese subsidiary can be found on our homepage as well.  


If we have sparked your interest in any of the introduced subsidiaries or GTA itself, find out more about these on the careers section of our website. Also, check out our current open positions and come for an interview – Greentube is continuously growing, and we look forward to growing it with you, our potential new colleagues!   

Stay tuned for part two as we continue our journey around the world and talk with many more colleagues based in our subsidiaries across the globe.