What makes the Greentube culture special – Part I

What makes the Greentube culture special – Part I

What makes the Greentube culture special – Part I

It has been our experience time and time again, that when applicants are asked the question ‘what do they expect from their future job?’ they usually answer that it is particularly important to them to be perceived not only as a number, but as an individual. We like to hear this answer because this attitude corresponds to our company values. Our employees are not only perceived as individuals, but as members of our Greentube family.

At Greentube, we try to foster a company culture based on truth and transparency; to do this, we require the following:

  • A ‘tone from the top’ set by our management board
  • Ethical leadership and accountability from direct superiors
  • A value set that is regularly encouraged through training courses
  • Open communication on all levels of the company

Another important aspect of our company culture which we are very proud of is our flat hierarchy. While many companies claim to have flat hierarchies, we actually live this. It is particularly important that our employees are well networked within the company to ensure an exchange of know-how, regardless of departments, age, gender, origin, etc. Regular events are organised by the company, which serve as both a platform to exchange key information between departments and a way for employees to mingle, get to know each other and help integrate new recruits. When you join Greentube, you don’t just join a company; you join a community. You’re not a number; you’re a colleague, a friend, a valued member of the Greentube family.

At Human Resources, we not only see ourselves as consultants, process managers or decision-makers, but as a service department for both the company in general and our employees. Providing employees with excellent HR services while maintaining a multicultural environment that attracts, supports and retains committed staff is our priority. We want our employees to feel like coming to work isn’t just a necessity, but something they want to do. We want our workplace at Greentube to be an opportunity for our employees to meet their friends, to exchange exciting ideas, to innovate, to learn and to work on projects that genuinely interest them.

To feel happy at work, our employees also need to feel happy at home. This is especially applicable to our new employees relocating from around the world. We take great care to ensure that have all the support they need to make the relocation process run as smoothly as possible, including providing extra services and information regarding the relocation of their families as well.

Flexible work environment, backed up with corporate knowledge

Greentube began as a start-up and has undergone a huge transformation process since then, including all the ups and downs expected of such a change process. Today, the company has the characteristics of both a flexible, easy going environment and a corporate company. The majority of our employees enjoys this informal working style, backed up with the security a medium-sized, well-situated company brings.

Many of us prefer a quick “visit” to the neighbouring team to coordinate than a series of long email conversations. This ‘open-door policy’ begins when you walk through the front door. The architecture of the building has been designed to encourage this policy, as have the seating plans on each of the six floors. Departments sit mixed across all levels of the hierarchy throughout the building. Even our management board members are active across all levels of the company and are approachable and always interested in exchange. Greentube’s open-door policy is a sign of appreciation and respect. The policy is designed to promote transparency, productivity, and faster communication. Every employee should have the feeling that their concerns are being heard. This relaxed interaction with one another is promoted by the fact that Greentube offers many events at which employees from different departments can get to know each other and exchange ideas. This creates an amicable and open atmosphere, which influences how our employees treat one another, making close cooperation even easier.

Informal communication is vital at Greentube, and we love to have fun together while completing our daily tasks. We are on a first-name basis with everyone (also the management board). Short communication channels, as well as open and efficient communication is encouraged at Greentube. This direct and open communication is designed to support the daily working life of our employees, and we ensure everyone is kept up to date through regular newsletters with collated key information about recent changes or announcements within the company. Greentube also has several diverse frameworks in place to ensure continuous communication within the company, and especially with the management board, such as regular Town Hall Meetings and Spreading Information Events.

In addition, our employees appreciate that despite the current size of the company, they still have the feeling that they have an influence on decisions and can implement their ideas. The fast-changing industry we work in, along with the technology on the market, dictates that we adapt and evolve regularly in order to stay ahead of the curve. Long decision-making processes are therefore avoided wherever possible, and if an employee has an innovative idea, it can often be tested and executed relatively easily. Our employees highly appreciate this dynamic environment, as it is challenging and provides everyone with multiple opportunities to learn and develop their skills.

Diversity fosters a different perspective on working approaches

Greentube is a very international company, and we embrace diversity. Our employees have relocated to Austria from all over the world, and their international knowledge and experiences are beneficial for other colleagues and the company as a whole.

Currently, our headquarters in Vienna is composed of over 40 different nationalities, and more and more are joining us every month. We welcome varying genders, religions, races, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and education. We believe that individuals can learn from one another and adopt different views on specific topics, no matter where they are from. These different views are highly appreciated in many situations, but especially when it comes to decision-making. We also embrace the diverse backgrounds and skills that every employee brings to the team, and we see a lot of benefits from this when it comes to planning and executing business strategies.

It is well-known that diversity also leads to higher innovation and faster problem-solving, which is crucial in our industry. At Greentube, we know that diversity in the workplace does not only increase creativity and productivity, but it also embraces the inclusion of each individual in the company. Studies show that inclusion also leads to higher motivation, engagement, and innovation, which are also topics that we focus on extremely.

We appreciate that many of our employees are willing to leave their old lives behind and relocate to Austria for a completely new start and a new adventure at Greentube. Since we know how important it is to be with one’s family, we also help and support the relocation of our employee’s close family if they are relocating to Austria from another country. Guidance, information and support are essential in these early stages, and we are proud to say that our new employees not only get help from HR, but from their new colleagues as well. Many of our employees have been in the same or similar situation, which means they have the previous knowledge and experience to offer tips & tricks to help their new colleagues get accommodated in Austria and to feel like part of the team.

We will continue to talk about the Greentube culture in the next article, so make sure you check it out as well, to find out about our work-life balance, innovation and agile environment and socialising at Greentube.