Training & Development at Greentube

Training & Development at Greentube

What We Offer At Greentube

Dedicated Training Budget

We are proud to say that we have a dedicated training & development budget for every employee! This means every employee is entitled to invest in their personal development to meet their current and upcoming challenges skill-wise. This entitlement is continually communicated throughout the year as we want to highlight the fact that further training is something all employees should take advantage of. We don’t believe in a fixed framework in the form of a pre-defined education catalogue. Even if we did, the diversity of our employees and their needs would simply not allow for such a framework. Based on the outcomes of their yearly employee appraisals and the development plan, our employees have the freedom to choose from worldwide conferences and courses that fit their needs and ensure their knowledge and skill set is up-to-date.

German Classes For Everyone!

Many of our colleagues come from abroad and some of them have no prior German knowledge. At Greentube, we are very happy to be able to offer German classes to those interested.  Employees can attend an in-house or an external German course, with the opportunity to participate at different levels, varying from A1 to C1.

Online Training Opportunities

Every employee has access to our Learning Management System, which can be used during working hours for work-related content. We collaborate with various online learning providers to populate our LMS with a diverse range of e-learning courses, curricula, and videos. Among them, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Udemy for Business, an esteemed online learning platform offering over 210,000 high-quality courses taught by real-world experts across a wide range of topics.

Internal Training Options

Our internal training offer is updated regularly based on the outcomes from the yearly employee appraisals and the development plans. Following-up on our last development needs collection, we agreed to redefine our leadership and talent training offers and identified appropriate solutions to tackle and develop our employees on relevant topics and areas such as personal development, relationship management, business management and leadership. We are also proud to introduce our Learning Movement, a monthly internal training initiative at Group level which is conducted online and available for the whole company. During each session, we empower our employees to share their invaluable knowledge and skills, actively contributing to the ongoing nurturing of our learning culture.

Challenges Ahead

In 2023, our focus is to keep delivering ad-hoc learning and development solutions to our employees, both remotely and in person. Our L&D team is prioritizing the implementation of an all-in-one learning management/experience and performance management platform to enhance user-friendly and personalized learning experiences.

We are excited about the possibilities this new tool brings, as it will enable us to continue fostering the personal and professional growth of our employees.