Training & Development at Greentube

Training & Development at Greentube

What We Offer At Greentube

Dedicated Training Budget

We are proud to say that we have a dedicated training & development budget for every employee! This means every employee is entitled to invest in their personal development to meet their current and upcoming challenges skill-wise. This entitlement is continually communicated throughout the year because we want to highlight the fact that further training is something all employees should take advantage of. We don’t believe in a fixed framework in the form of a pre-defined education catalogue. Even if we did, the diversity of our employees and their needs would simply not allow for such a framework. Based on the outcomes of their yearly employee appraisals and the development plan, our employees have the freedom to choose from worldwide conferences and courses that fit their needs and ensure their knowledge is up-to-date.

We are not only proud to have a wide range of development offers, but we are also happy to have such a diverse and international staff.

German Classes For Everyone!

A lot of our colleagues come from abroad and some of them have no prior German knowledge. At Greentube, we are very happy to be able to offer German classes to those interested. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, these classes took place in the office during working hours. At the moment, these classes take place remotely.

Online Training Opportunities

Every employee has access to an online learning portal, which can be used during working hours for work-related content. But we are also happy to support our employees with their personal development goals. They can also choose from a wide range of courses for their private development outside the working hours. Some are using it to learn an instrument (guitar lessons are quite popular!), some started drawing, some are interested in interior design, while others have sought knowledge about healthier lifestyles. All in all, we are happy that our employees also look after themselves by undergoing training and taking courses, especially during these challenging times where current circumstances and lockdowns have forced every one of us to adapt our daily routines.

Internal Training Options

Our internal training formats have also changed as a result of the pandemic. 2020 saw us undergo one of our most exciting projects as we began to prepare training concepts and deliver them in video format. This meant we suddenly had to be in front of the camera. This was a very unusual situation, one that many of us had never experienced before. After some initial teething problems, we are extremely pleased with how this project has developed. Information is now constantly available and we have even been able to increase our portfolio of online training videos. We are looking forward to having even more training videos plus an online onboarding journey available in 2021.

Challenges Ahead

In 2021, the focus will remain on delivering training remotely. Either via Online workshops or E-Learning. We intend to continue to follow this path regardless of how the pandemic situation develops. We are aware that online training formats cannot replace some other formats, but they are always a good addition as people have the freedom and flexibility to watch parts of the videos whenever and wherever they want. The feedback to this project has been very positive and people seem to appreciate the flexibility and autonomy when it comes to learning. 2020 proved to us that not only is this concept feasible, it also works!