Dice on Fire™

Get ready for the hottest slot the online slot universe has to offer!

Dice on Fire™

Dice on Fire, a fruit slot with five reels and five fixed lines, features chillies and dice in addition to fruits. The 7 scores the highest winnings.

Bonus Symbols
The STAR acts as a Scatter symbol and pays a win if it lands three to five times in any reel position following a spin.

Symbols with DICE can land on the first to fifth reel. The number of points on the DICE corresponds with the reel they land on: DICE showing one point land on the first reel only, DICE showing two points land on the second reel only and so forth. If you land DICE on every single reel following a spin the sixth reel is activated. Free games are triggered if a DICE also appears on the sixth reel.

Get ready for the hottest slot the online slot universe has to offer: Dice on Fire fires up the reels as well as your winnings! The fruit salat is joined on the reels by chillies that have dice in tow. If all reels show chilli DICE symbols following a spin the Dice on Fire feature is triggered, which means hot winnings!

Key Features

Big Win
Mega win
Free Spins Bonus Game
Dice on Fire™

Key Data

Game Type
Spinning Reels
Desktop Mobile
6 Reels

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