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Go treasure hunting like Indiana Jones!


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There are many complicated slots brimming with free game options and additional features. And there are those that break down the game principle of slots to the simplest method and are still great fun to play. The latter also include Epic Adventure: All you need for winning is two symbols – the adventurer and a valuable artifact. No pay lines, no bonus hassle, no knick-knacks – instead this slot offers great winning chances and a really juicy jackpot!

Bonus symbols
The ADVENTURER is responsible for your winnings: he is the most lucrative symbol and can trigger the free games – at best he cracks the jackpot for you!

If the ADVENTURER symbol lands at least seven times – the position on the reels doesn’t matter – you win a free game. During the free game the ADVENTURER symbols are fixed in their positions. If more ADVENTURER appear these are also fixed on the reels and you win another free game. The free game feature ends as soon as no more additional ADVENTURER symbols are landing.

If the ADVENTURER symbol lands 15 times following a spin the jackpot is yours! With the maximum possible stake, you’ll get 100% of the jackpot. With lower stakes, your share of the jackpot will be calculated accordingly.

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