Extreme Live Baccarat

9 is the lucky number here!

Extreme Live Baccarat

9 is the lucky number here – will you manage to get closer to this number than the dealer? Try your luck – as always in the best picture quality and first-hand – with Extreme Live Baccarat!

4 Baccarat tables you are available to you: VIP-, Classic-, Super6- and Standard-Baccarat. In convince in this version of our live baccarat exciting camera angles, such as those from the perspective of the dealer. Baccarat is played with 8 decks of 52 cards. 2 cards determine whether you win or lose with Baccarat. The dealer gets one, and you get one. Before each round you bet on who will win – i.e. whose card will be closest to the number 9.

Key Features

Super 6
Squeeze mode
Jackpot mode
Operating 24/7
Configurable chip value and max bet
High Definition Video
Dynamic Billboard
Player Chat
Extreme Live Baccarat

Key Data

Game Type
Live Casino Game
Desktop Mobile

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