Kingdom of Legends

Discover a kingdom that will bring you luck and happiness!

Kingdom of Legends

Imagine a place where anything is possible. A glamorous kingdom where all reel subjects are proud owners of a Jackpot they like to share with you if you land 15 matching symbols in one sweep. Nevertheless: Nine different symbols grant you nine Jackpot chances with Kingdom of Legends! But the residents of our golden reel empire are also generous individually: all of them win without win lines – all you need to score is the required minimum number!

The aim of Kingdom of Legends is to land as many matching symbols as possible in each round. You win if you get the required minimum number or more with one spin. The symbols need not appear in any special order.

Bonus Symbols
All symbols are Scatter symbols with Kingdom of Legends. What’s more, the CROWN opens the gates to free games.

Ten Free Games
The CROWN triggers ten free games if it appears three time in one round!

Key Features

Double Up Feature
Free Games with Hold Feature
9 jackpots
Kingdom of Legends

Key Data

Game Type
15-reel video game with 9 jackpots
Desktop Mobile
15 Reels
Historical Epoches / Figures, Heroes

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