Mystery Roulette™ x38

Rien ne va plus – no more bets please!

Mystery Roulette™ x38

“Rien ne va plus – no more bets please!” Since the 17th century the decisive ball has drawn players to the game under it’s spell. Let the ball roll and try your luck at Mystery Roulette™ x38 !

The aim of Mystery Roulette™ x38 is to predict which number or colour the ball will land on. You can place your bets in the form of chips on the numbers 0 to 36, in various combinations, rows, colours or on the two question marks (mystery boxes).

The following betting options are available: Bets, Single numbers, Split (2 numbers), Row (3 numbers), Corner (4 numbers), Double row (6 numbers), Column/dozen (12 numbers), Red/Black, Even/Odd, High/Low, ? (Mystery field)    and ?? (Mystery field). If you have something on ? and/or ?? (mystery fields) and the ball lands on the corresponding field, then you can spin the Mystery Wheel to multiply your stake.

Key Features

Different Betting options
Mystery Roulette™ x38

Key Data

Game Type
French Roulette (single zero) with two extra fields

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