Random 2 Wild

Make your wild choice!

Random 2 Wild

Two reel sets, one choice – it’s all up to you! You decide whether you want to play on the left, the right or on both sets. Right now, in Random2Wild! The slot with twice the winning chances will not only put fruits, the red 7, golden bells and the SLP symbol to work for you, no – there’s also double symbols and a wild symbol. Your winning chances have just multiplied with ease!

Bonus symbols
Two bonus symbols exist: the SLP and the BELL symbol. If SLP appears on an ORANGE, PEAR or PLUM, or the BELL on a STRAWBERRY, CLOVER LEAF, MELON or the 7, they complete a combination of regular symbols (e.g. a PLUM with a SLP symbol supplements two other PLUMS). When you spin up a combination of any three symbols with SLP or BELLS on a win line, you win the SLP or bell bonus.

Wild feature
This feature begins when you stake at least 10 coins in the slot: The fourth reel, entirely covered in Wild symbols, is activated. These substitute for all other symbols and therefore increase your chances of winning.

Key Features

WILD Symbol
Twin Player Feature
Random 2 Wild

Key Data

Game Type
Spinning Reels
Desktop Mobile
4 Reels

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