Random 2 Wins

One spin, two chances to win!

Random 2 Wins

The sky’s the limit with Random2Wins! You decide in this slot with a double reel set whether you play with the first, second or both reel sets. Let the fruits and the other lucky symbols like the 7 do your bidding and with a little luck you land a double symbol bonus!

The aim of Random2Wins is to land four matching symbols side by side along ten win lines. The winning patters run from left to right.

Bonus Symbols
The SLP as well as the bell symbols are bonus symbols: If SLP appears on an ORANGE, PLUM or PEAR or the BELL on the 7, the MELON, the STRAWBERRY or the CLOVERLEAF they complement a winning combo of regular symbols (for example an ORANGE with an SLP symbol complements another two ORANGES). You win the SLP or the bell bonus with a combination of any three symbols with SLP or bells on a line.

Random 2 Wins

Key Data

3 Reels, 4 Reels

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