Two Sevens

Get the jackpot!

Two Sevens

These two lucky numbers live up to their name: In Two Sevens 2 7s will stir up your winnings at once, not matter whether they’re orange or yellow. 5 identical 7s on one line means just one thing: JACKPOT!

2 jackpots
Two Sevens has a common progressive jackpot for all bets and currencies. If you win the orange 7 5x on one line and also make the maximum bet you will win 100% of the jackpot. 5 red 7s with the maximum bet will give you 40% of the jackpot. The jackpot stakes depend on the current bets and are displayed at the top below ‘jackpot’.



Key Features

Double Up Feature
2 jackpots
Two Sevens

Key Data

Game Type
5-line, 5-reel video game with 2 jackpots
Desktop Mobile
5 Reels

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