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4 Reel Kings™ = 4 chances to win!

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4 Reel Kings = 4 chances to win! With 4 Reel Kings 4 reels spin simultaneously and, with a total of 20 paylines, massively increase your chances of big winnings!

After each spin up to 5 REEL KINGS can randomly appear, or when all the letters of the word ‘4 Reel’ light up in the slot title. These symbols then act just like mini slot machines, each with 3 reels and 4 symbols (the 7 symbol in different colours and a small DIAMOND symbol). The 7 symbols win different amounts depending on their colour but should a DIAMOND be revealed, that REEL KING will end. You can continue to play the REEL KINGS until all of the mini-slots are eliminated by a DIAMOND symbol.

Key features

4 sets of Reels
Bonus progressive Feature Trigger
Double Up Feature
Reel King Feature
Win Series Feature