Thomas Graf, CEO

Thomas Graf joined Greentube in September 2011, with a career marked by consistent success, and a driving ambition which has lead the company to its current position as one of the industry’s leading full-service online and mobile gaming provider. In total, Thomas has spent more than two decades in the global gaming industry, gathering invaluable experience in R&D, marketing, intellectual property and operations management within all gaming verticals, leveraging that knowledge to significantly enhance Greentube’s worldwide standing.

He has also founded and been involved in host of major gaming entertainment businesses internationally at an executive level, including businesses in the US, Europe and Australia. His main responsibilities at Greentube include strategic planning, new business development, product and game development, intellectual property and integration management, leading the way as the company continues to roll out a growing portfolio of impressive, award-winning products and services.

Georg Gubo, COO

Georg Gubo joined Greentube in 2015 and is responsible for the company’s Global Business Development strategy as well as taking on the exciting role of Managing Director of Greentube and other subsidiaries. He is an experienced industry executive, having spent several years in leading roles in the gaming sector.

Georg manages all daily activities of the Greentube Group and its subsidiaries and also oversees the company’s server-based gaming solution Greentube Plurius, as well as its social gaming offering Greentube Pro.

Michael Bauer, CFO/CGO

Michael Bauer joined Greentube in February 2015 after having already worked for NOVOMATIC Group for 2 years. He has 15 years of experience in corporate and structured finance, and a strong project management background.

As CFO, Michael is responsible for all group finance matters from accounting and controlling to acquisitions and restructurings. In his role as CGO, he’s responsible for steering the strategic direction of the game portfolio, game production, operation and sales.

Ronald van den Brink, CCO

Ronald van den Brink joined Greentube in 2010, immediately achieving significant synergies for Novomatic in the B2C online space.

He has more than 15 years experience in the gaming industry and has a strong international marketing and management background. In his current role as CCO he oversees all B2C brands, encompassing both RMG and Social Casino operations.

Obaid ur Rehman Malik, CTO

Obaid ur Rehman Malik is Chief Technology Officer at Greentube where he oversees the repositioning of the company’s platform vertical towards fast-changing markets. He began his career at the company in 2016 as a Delivery Manager, before quickly progressing to Head of Corporate Portfolio and Projects the following year. As of 2019, Obaid has been responsible for the platform supporting B2C RMG and Social side of the business, as well as IT organisation throughout the Greentube Group.

Obaid’s over 10 years’ experience in the gaming industry. During his tenure at Greentube, Obaid has succeeded in establishing the portfolio and project department, introducing processes that have given the organisation the flexibility to adapt to strategy changes quarterly.

Felipe Ludeña, CSO

Felipe Ludeña joined Greentube in 2022 as Chief Sportsbook Officer after spending 4 years working for Admiral Sportwetten and Novomatic. He has worked in the industry with different roles in Technology, Sports betting and online gaming for more than 15 years.

In his role Felipe focused on steering the sports betting business within Greentube in coordination with his current role as MD in Admiral Sportwetten.