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Thomas Graf, CEO

Thomas Graf joined Greentube in September 2011 and looks back at a successful career in the gaming industry. He holds various positions in the NOVOMATIC Group. He is CTO on the Board of Directors of NOVOMATIC AG, CEO of Greentube GmbH, CEO of NOVOMATIC Americas Holdings, and a Member of the Board of Directors of NOVOMATIC Gaming Spain.

Thomas has spent more than 20 years working in the gaming industry, gathering invaluable experience in R&D, marketing, intellectual property and operations management of all gaming verticals. His main responsibilities at Greentube include strategic planning, new business development, product and game development, intellectual property and integration management.


Georg Gubo, COO

Georg Gubo has many years of experience in various leading roles in the gaming industry including land-based EGM platforms and casino systems. He has been onboard at Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH since September 2015.

He is managing all daily activities of the Greentube group, including all subsidiaries,  reporting to the CEO of Greentube. Furthermore he is managing director of Greentube and other subsidiaries including Greentube Canada and Cervo Media.


Michael Bauer, CFO/CGO

Michael Bauer joined Greentube in February 2015 after having already worked for NOVOMATIC Group for two years. He has 10 years of experience in corporate and structured finance, and a strong project management background.

As CFO, Michael is responsible for all accounting, controlling and treasury related matters. Additionally, he coordinates M&A activities and the integration of acquired companies. Finally, he provides operational support to the organization for new-market entries.


Thomas Kolbabek, CTO

Thomas Kolbabek is serving Greentube as CTO since September 2016. He is leading the technical teams that provide IT Infrastructure, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Software Development, Technical Operations and Software Delivery Management.

Thomas has joined Greentube back in 2000 as a software developer. He moved from hands-on development work to delivering projects to establishing and mentoring teams. He enjoys mastering the ever changing environment of the gaming industry a lot.