Insights & Tips

Insights & Tips

Our Insights & Tips section has been designed to give you a better understanding about the “world of Greentube”. Regular articles will offer both recruiters and applicants an overview of recruiting and HR information that we at Greentube find essential for understanding the Greentube way of working. We hope you enjoy reading these topics as much as we enjoy writing, researching and discussing them!

31 May 2023

Pride month and beyond: Nurturing a workplace of inclusion and respect.

In this article, we explore the concept of diversity and inclusion from the HR perspective, the importance of it and the steps we all can take to be better allies.
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7 April 2023

Hybrid Working at Greentube

Talent Sourcing Specialist at Greentube, Irina Kashina, looks at the concept of hybrid working and the benefits and challenges it poses for both managers and employees alike.
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28 February 2023

Sandra Zeinlinger discusses Greentube’s Great Place To Work Results

Greentube's Director of Group Employee Services gives us a closer insight on her thoughts about the results and what the next steps are for Greentube
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22 August 2022

Barbara Zemann celebrates 20 years at Greentube!

We asked her a few questions about her experiences with Greentube to mark the occasion!
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6 July 2022

Work-life balance and why it is so important in today’s world

Tips to ensure you maintain a healthy work-life balance
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29 November 2021

How Do You Preserve Work Culture During A Pandemic?

5 Things Greentube Malta has Learned
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1 November 2021

Women in Technology

Although they are experiencing progress regarding workplace equality in general, women are still underrepresented in technology-related education fields and jobs. And this is not only visible in just a few companies, but worldwide.
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27 September 2021

Boomerang Employees

Everybody knows what boomerangs are - those fascinating flat, curved pieces of wood that, when thrown, return right back. No, we have not changed our core business lately, but we use the same term to describe a particular group of our employees: those who left our company but only for some time before returning. We call them “boomerang employees”. This article is dedicated to them, not only because we are happy to have them back, but because we’d also like to openly talk about their motivation to re-join Greentube. And in order to get an authentic view of their stories, we decided to let some of our boomerang employees speak for themselves by asking them a few questions. 
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9 August 2021

Greentube around the globe – An in-depth look at our subsidiaries – Part II

In part one of this article, we looked at our offices in Graz and Vienna, and our picturesque office in Malta. In this article, we go even further afield and reveal the rest of our offices and subsidiaries around the world as we ask local colleagues about what makes their companies so special.
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4 August 2021

Greentube around the globe – An in-depth look at our subsidiaries  

One of the main characteristics of our company is internationality and diversity. This begins with the platforms we own, the staff we hire and finally, the many locations we have around the world. Greentube is an international company, and this expansion is happening continuously.  
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14 June 2021

Career paths at Greentube – The Choice is Yours

The benefits of Greentube’s internal recruitment processes and the impact of the dual management system 
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17 May 2021

The RWR Process or how we call it: Relocation Wonder Realisation ;)

As the process of getting a red-white-red (RWR) card for Austria is quite complicated and requires a vast amount of knowledge, we would like to use this entry in our blog series to provide all of our current and future applicants with an overview of all the essential things you need to know to apply successfully. So, first thing first, what is a RWR card? It is the work permit you need to have as a third-country national to be employed with an Austrian employer in Austria.
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28 April 2021

The importance of internal communication and why we’re all ears at Greentube

Efficient and regular internal communication is of utmost importance to companies in today’s fast-paced world. This especially true for Greentube. Our international operations in many countries around the globe mean that a lot of things can happen simultaneously, requiring the need for changes and reactions to be instantaneous and clearly communicated.
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17 March 2021

Training & Development at Greentube

For Greentube, further development has always been a key factor to success and therefore, development incentives existed even before a dedicated team had been established. As in most companies, the training & development team has grown with success.What started as nothing more than a booking process and mainly administrative tasks back in 2016 is now an essential part of the company, which continues to grow and flourish with each innovative idea and exciting new project. This is something we are extremely proud of. Here are some of the projects and benefits we offer Greentube employees at the moment.
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16 February 2021

7 ways to successfully attract the right candidates for Greentube

We would like to finish our ‘7 ways-to... ‘ series by focusing more on the recruiting/ company side of the process, because it is not only the candidates that have to excel to get the position. Hiring managers also have to work hard to attract the right candidates. Therefore, we came up with 7 (fun) facts about how we at Greentube try to satisfy the needs of our applicants and paint a lively, but also realistic picture of our company culture. 
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8 February 2021

7 ways to successfully pass an interview @ Greentube

The last article covered 7 tips on how to successfully apply for an open position at Greentube. In this article, we would like to take it one step further and talk in more detail about having an interview at Greentube. The information we’re about to provide should give you the tools and knowledge you need to effectively and efficiently prepare for our interviews and, of course, hopefully, get hired in the process!
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1 February 2021

7 tips to successfully apply to Greentube

As much as we love recruiting, there is also a downside to it: we have to reject candidates. This is something that unfortunately comes with the job, and it’s unavoidable as there is always more than one person with great skills applying for the same position.
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4 January 2021


In this last article of 2020, we would like to use the time to highlight the challenges we had to master, the norms we had to re-think, the impact the Covid-19 situation had on our company and our colleagues, and of course, how the year affected us from an HR perspective and the lessons we have learned from this experience.
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16 December 2020

Recruiting at Greentube – This Is How We Do It

As a continuation of our two introductory articles about Greentube and its culture, we would like to use this next article to give you an idea of how recruiting works at Greentube and why we see this field of HR as central for a company’s success.
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10 December 2020

What makes the Greentube culture special – Part II

Welcome back to the second part of our article about our company culture. In this part, we'll be diving into what we believe is important for a healthy work-life balance, as well as discussing topics such as innovation, agile environment and socialising.
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9 December 2020

What makes the Greentube culture special – Part I

In this first article, which comes in two parts, we want to highlight the unique features of the Greentube culture and explain what makes it so unique. We believe that companies should communicate as much information as possible to the outside world to enable transparency. This is intended to give prospective applicants, the general public and other interested parties a better and more detailed understanding of how we operate.
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