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Our Insights & Tips section has been designed to give you a better understanding about the “world of Greentube”. Regular articles will offer both recruiters and applicants an overview of recruiting and HR information that we at Greentube find essential for understanding the Greentube way of working. We hope you enjoy reading these topics as much as we enjoy writing, researching and discussing them!


In this last article of 2020, we would like to use the time to highlight the challenges we had to master, the norms we had to re-think, the impact the Covid-19 situation had on our company and our colleagues, and of course, how the year affected us from an HR perspective and the lessons we have learned from this experience.

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Recruiting at Greentube – This Is How We Do It

As a continuation of our two introductory articles about Greentube and its culture, we would like to use this next article to give you an idea of how recruiting works at Greentube and why we see this field of HR as central for a company’s success.

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What makes the Greentube culture special – Part II

Welcome back to the second part of our article about our company culture. In this part, we’ll be diving into what we believe is important for a healthy work-life balance, as well as discussing topics such as innovation, agile environment and socialising.

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What makes the Greentube culture special – Part I

In this first article, which comes in two parts, we want to highlight the unique features of the Greentube culture and explain what makes it so unique. We believe that companies should communicate as much information as possible to the outside world to enable transparency. This is intended to give prospective applicants, the general public and other interested parties a better and more detailed understanding of how we operate.

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