Our story

An idea doesn’t truly come to life until you can see it, feel it and live it visually, textually and conceptually. This is where our design teams do their magic, giving a spark to wonderful ideas to set the pulse racing. Our experts in the fields of graphic design, copywriting, user experience and content production transform briefings into works of graphical art, turn whiteboard jottings into language users can relate to and create content that entertains, informs and animates customers.

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Me in 3 words: Aspiring, honest, playful
My Passion: Making art and listening to music
My Superpower: Creating great stuff out of nothing!
I love my job because: Greentube gives me the freedom of creativity to do what I think fits best for all the different platforms that I produce multimedia content for. I am able to use my whole knowledge and Greentube also lets me improve myself through courses, design conferences and awesome team events. I am also part of a great team, and we’re given the best tools to do our job with. All in all it is a great place to work.

Sigi Motion Graphics & Digital Illustration