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"The international make-up of our team brings a wide spectrum of experience to the table. For us, technical challenges are not challenges, but fun events where we huddle together to bounce ideas off each other to constantly break new ground in web development."

- Björn, Front End Development

"We push every day, we learn every day and - no matter what challenge we are facing - we laugh every day! There is nothing more motivating than working in a professional, goal-oriented and great team!"

- Marcantonio, B2C Marketing

"I like working for Greentube as the position meets everything I want in a job: a very healthy international work environment, talented and cooperative colleagues, and abundant opportunities to develop my skills. Greentube simply fits my personality."

- Ramaa, Software Development

"I’ve have been working at Greentube for over ten years now because the company places a great emphasis on innovation, team spirit and the welfare of employees in a family atmosphere."

- Barbara, Customer Services

"The biggest plus at Greentube is for sure the positive work environment. Here I can use my strengths to contribute and realize my ideas. I have not yet experienced such an open and friendly team in any other company."

- AJ, Process Management

"I thoroughly enjoy how we collectively achieve a goal, supporting each other along the way."

- Thomas, CTO

"Each day the fast-paced online industry presents us with interesting technical challenges that make us push our boundaries to design the best and most innovative solutions. But it is not just the work that I like here at Greentube. There are numerous fun-filled social and sporting events held by the company throughout the year that I enjoy taking part in, my personal favourite being the “Greencoustics-Night” – an evening of performances by the employees on stage."

- Peter, Mobile Development

"It’s great working with the latest technology in a friendly and informal working environment, where your creativity is only constrained by your own imagination. The opportunity to be part of a big success story that Greentube looks destined to be, while living in a city that regularly features at the top of the Mercer Quality of Living rankings, made my decision to move to Vienna from London without any German language skills one of the best I’ve ever taken"

- Manoj, Database Administration

"My inspiration? Innovative technologies, room for ideas and the global horizon. I work together with my team at the leading edge of the online world - with people who love to explore new things every day."

- Ron, COO

"Due to the flexibility offered by the company I’m able to manage my family and career perfectly. At Greentube you are part of a big family and I couldn’t emphasize enough how committed the company is towards ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees. Personally, what I enjoy most is the thoroughly relaxing Shiatsu massage sessions arranged once every fortnight."

- Josi, Brands Management

"During my studies I started as an intern at the Marketing and Sales department. Greentube gave me the chance to prove myself and develop my skills. Currently I’m working as a Project Manager. To be part of this great team means a great deal to me. It’s about fun, friendship and success."

- Markus, SBG Operations

"As a recruiter I am constantly looking for applicants with the best qualifications and perfect team player skills. I personally appreciate the ideal location of our office on Wiedner Hauptstrasse. Although I live outside of Vienna, it is easy to reach the office as it is well connected with the public transport network. The only negative aspect of our location is that there are many great restaurants and shops around where you would feel tempted to empty your wallet. ;)"

- Elisabeth, Human Resources

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FAQ – Recruiting

Which documents should I send with my application?

In order to simplify our selection process, please send us only your CV and letter of motivation. Depending on the position it might be necessary to send a text sample, a portfolio, etc.. In this case we will let you know within the job ad. Other than that will contact you should we require further documents (e.g.: references).

What will happen with my application once I have uploaded my documents in the recruiting tool?

Your application will be forwarded by our HR department to the relevant hiring managers of each department. If your qualifications meet our expectations, an initial meeting will be arranged. We normally contact you within two weeks to respond to applications.

Are unsolicited applications welcome?

Yes, unsolicited applications are indeed welcome. However we recommend to apply for specific positions.

What opportunities are available to Students?

  • Internship: we offer internships with a term of 6 months or longer
  • Freelancer/Casual Employment: accompanying studies
  • Diploma Thesis with Casual Employment (also available with full-time work)
  • Training Projects: where fitting to current business

Are English skills a requirement?

Yes, as we operate in an international environment, English skills are required. Many of our employees, as well as our clients, come from different countries.


FAQ – Interview

What is the Interview process?

There are normally two interview rounds:

  • 1st Round = Get to know a team leader and at least one colleague and receive a detailed job description along with an introduction to the company.
  • 2nd Round = A platform for any questions you might have. You will be given the chance to check out your new workplace and get introduced to the team. Management are normally involved in this round. Depending on your job role, you may have to sit a job-specific test.

How long does the interview process take?

After the first round, we need about 2 weeks to process all interviews. We will then notify you on whether you have made it to the 2nd round of interviews. If successful, you will receive an invitation to visit us again. Once we have completed the 2nd round, we usually notify successful candidates within a week.

How can I prepare for an interview?

  • Read through the job description and consider which job-specific questions could be asked at the interview
  • Visit the Greentube & Novomatic websites
  • Browse through the Gametwist website and try out some games
  • Think about how much you would like to be paid
  • If you are currently employed: Find out the period of notice you may have to give before leaving your job

What should I wear?

As we have a fairly casual working environment, come to your interview wearing ‘smart-casual’ dress. It is important to have a neat appearance, so although it is not necessary to come in a suit, remember that first impressions last.

What should I do if I have to postpone my interview appointment?

Please notify us at least 1-2 days in advance if you need to postpone your appointment. We will gladly arrange an alternative appointment time with you.

What should I do if I take another offer in the meantime?

Just let us know if you take an offer of employment elsewhere – it makes the recruitment process easier for us.



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