Our story

Do you love everything that is IT? Are you problem-orientated, passionate, dedicated and ambitious? Because these are the criteria that sets our IT team members apart from the rest! We consist of nine specialized teams, each with their own field of expertise: From fixing hardware malfunctions to server problems, solving internal security gaps and fighting off external attacks, our IT teams have every area covered. Together with our Project Management team, we are also responsible for the technical realization of entering new markets.

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Me in 3 words: Dynamic, sociable & spontaneous

My Passion: It would definitely have to be traveling. I love taking trips on a whim and experiencing the local food, culture and the sights of the countries I visit.

My Superpower: Multi-tasking and being a pessimist (it helps thinking the worst and how to salvage situations 🙂 )

I love my job because: Every day is brand-new and equally challenging. I work with cross functional teams and the learning is immense and highly satisfying.

Reshmy Head of Corporate Portfolio & Projects