Lucky Lady Bingo™

Enjoy plenty of excitement with Lucky Lady Bingo™!

Lucky Lady Bingo™

You know the familiar slot with the lucky fairy? You love Bingo? In this case, you will be thrilled by Lucky Lady Bingo™. Enjoy the merger of one of the most beloved slots with the popular numbers game of chance: In addition to extra and Joker balls as well as the option for an incredible Jackpot with a little luck the original Lucky Lady’s Charm™ Free Game from the slot is waiting for you. Let the beautiful blonde tempt you to have an adventure and enjoy plenty of excitement with Lucky Lady Bingo™!

How to play
Prior to the game starting you can select your stakes which are visible under “Credit” afterwards.

Game settings

  • You can play with up to four Bingo cards. The more cards, the more winning chances. All cards are active at the beginning of the game. Single cards can be activated or deactivated by clicking on the golden frame. The relevant game settings can also be selected under “Cards”. These can be changed with the “+/–” button.
  • By clicking on “Bet/card” you decide on your stakes. The total stakes are visible under “Bet” during the game.
  • You can change the winning numbers on the cards before the game begins by clicking in the center of each card. If you would like to change the numbers on all cards click on the button with the crossed arrows in the bottom right.
  • In case of questions click on the button “Rules”. Then, the ingame help text pops up. By clicking on “More” you can move to the next page.

There are several options with Lucky Lady Bingo™ how balls can be introduced to the game:

  • By clicking the Play button, 30 Bingo balls are drawn with normal speed.
  • The Fast Forward button that shows two arrows starts a quick draw of Bingo balls.
  • Clicking the “Autostart” button results in several draws starting one by one until you click “Stop” or you have the option of purchasing extra balls.

If numbers match the relevant number turns white and the background black. In the upper gaming area the respective winning pattern is shown. Patterns that have been completed are marked in colour. Numbers highlighted in pink are already forming a pattern. Numbers highlighted in yellow are still required to complete a pattern.

Extra Ball
When the highest possible total win is 40 times your bet you have a chance to buy extra balls. In total you can purchase eleven extra balls that help you to complete your winning patterns. Click the button “Extra ball” to buy an extra ball. The relevant stake required for an additional ball is displayed below, this value can vary depending on the winning amount to be achieved. Joker balls are allocated at random. When a Joker ball appears you can select a number that you need. There is also the Bingo Shot

Key Features

Up to 11 extra balls can be bought
Free extra balls
1 up to 4 Bingo Cards
Joker Ball - Player can select his own number
Player can select his own lucky talisman
Lucky Lady Charm bonus games
Slow extra ball unveiling for bingo shots
Lucky Lady Bingo™

Key Data

Game Type
60 ball Latin American bingo game
Desktop Mobile

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