Star Lotto

What’s the robot up to? We don’t know either - but he’s sweet!

Star Lotto

It couldn’t be any better! In this slot you can choose your lotto numbers yourself and play with up to four different sets of reels with every spin. In addition, there are three ways to win. But wait… there’s more! Star Lotto™ even has a jackpot… and a sweet robot to boot! If you don’t try your luck here, where will you?

Bonus Symbols
The STAR symbol substitutes any number and can therefore increase your winnings.

There are three ways to win:

  • A “First” win is achieved when the numbers on the reel(s) match your numbers starting from the left and running across to the right.
  • A “Random Positions” win is achieved when 2 or more of the numbers on the reel(s) match your numbers anywhere along your lotto slip.
  • A “Same Numbers” win is achieved when 4 or more numbers on the reel(s) feature on your lotto slip. If you land 4 matching numbers in the first spin, the numbers that are not part of the winning combo spin again. If you land a further matching number – making 5 in total – another spin is triggered to substitute the 6th number.

With every spin you have the chance to hit the progressive mystery jackpot. The size of the jackpot depends on your stake and is displayed in the paytable in the top-right corner.

Key Features

Play 1 till 4 slots at the same time
Star symbol is Wild
Exciting re-spin feature
Adjustable game speed
Star Lotto

Key Data

Game Type
4 x 6-reel video lotto slot
6 Reels
Science Fiction

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