Going Green

We acknowledge that every business and every person has an impact on our environment. That’s why we care about our carbon footprint and the legacy we leave behind.


We consider it our responsibility to operate in a sustainable way. That includes reducing emissions and using sustainable resources, such as a regional supply chain that reduces transport needs. We also support our employees to reduce their carbon footprint too.

Good Health and Well-being

Environmental management for reducing waste and emissions

Affordable and Clean Energy

Group monitoring of absolute and relative energy consumption, energy sources in use and the associated emissions.

Climate Action

Measurement of direct and indirect CO2 emissions. Measures to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Our KPI's

Relative CO2 Emission

We record the CO2 equivalent caused by our day-to-day operations. Our goal is to reduce the carbon emissions caused both directly and indirectly by Greentube Group.
Measured in kg CO2e per FTE (full time equivalent)

Alternate drives in Greentube & FunStage carfleet

When trying to reduce our carbon footprint, we also have the Greentube fleet of company cars in focus. Our electric and hybrid cars are powered with 100% electricity from renewable resources.

Relative water & waste

With a goal to minimise water wastage, we keep track of our day-to-day usage levels in the company.