Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Greentube has established a corporate responsibility mindset across the business. We’ve gone above and beyond what is required by rules and regulation to ensure people enjoy our products responsibly. We’re committed to preventing problem gambling, protecting vulnerable groups and promoting social responsibility. Our corporate responsibility strategy is about going the extra mile to incorporate sustainability in every department and give back to the communities within which we operate.

Our fields of Action

Greentube focuses on five fields of action when it comes to social responsibilities:

Responsible Entertainment

Caring about the wellbeing of players who enjoy our games and services, as well as the protection of minors and other vulnerable groups, is a key pillar in our strategy.

Enjoy working with us

Happy and healthy employees are key to Greentube’s sustainable success. That’s why the holistic wellbeing of our team and the support we offer them is crucial to us.

Going green

We acknowledge that every business and every person has an impact on our environment. That’s why we care about our carbon footprint and the legacy we leave behind.

Active in the community

We believe it is our responsibility to play an active part in the communities in which we operate. Greentube is involved with a variety of non-profit initiatives and supports employee volunteering programmes and activities.

Always compliant

Greentube’s legal and compliance departments ensure our legal and contractual obligations are always met. Ensuring those business areas run in a legal, ethical and responsible manner is one of our top priorities.