Always Compliant

Greentube’s legal and compliance departments ensure our legal and contractual obligations are always met. Ensuring those business areas run in a legal, ethical and responsible manner is one of our top priorities.


Our corporate culture is based in particular on the standards of the Code of Conduct and lives the principle of “Always Compliant” in all business areas. This practice ensures compliance with legal regulations and corporate values – also by including the promotion of personal responsibility. After all, we are all required to recognize and prevent criminal behavior in order to avert damage to our customers, employees and business partners.

Would you like to send a confidential report to our Legal Compliance department? You can reach us at any time via the protected NOVOTRUST whistleblower portal.


Greentube operates its B2B services in several different jurisdictions, including the UK, Alderney, Gibraltar, Belgium, Romania and Malta. Greentube also holds B2C licences in Italy, the German region of Schleswig-Holstein, Spain, Romania and the United Kingdom.

By holding all of these licenses Greentube is adhering to the strictest regulations on the protection of minors and other vulnerable persons.

Greentube has been awarded with the leading international information security certification, ISO 27001. The information security standard ISO 27001 provides a set of requirements to ensure sensitive company information is properly managed.

This certificate confirms Greentube’s hard work in ensuring that its information security management system and related information security processes are state of the art. Additionally it confirms Greentube’s’ commitment towards protecting all customer data as well as its focus on continuous improvement of its information security procedures.

Greentube follows a strict Code of Conduct that provides information on

  • Basic rules of conduct
  • Responsibility to our customers
  • Treatment of business partners and other third parties
  • Ways to do business
  • Company property, confidentiality, and property rights
  • Protection of personal data
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest
  • Correct reporting and data protection
  • Money laundering
  • Environmental protection
  • Contact
  • Outlook and consequences in the event of violations