Double Dice™

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Double Dice™

Three reels, five lines, eleven lucky symbols with  excellent winning chances and a good dollop of luck with the dice – with Double Dice™, luck is doubly on your side! To clean up well and truly here, you just need three of the same symbol along a winning line. If a spin results in two Stars or Clocks along a line or two Dice symbols on two different reels, this triggers the hold feature – your chance to still achieve a winning combination perhaps!

Double Dice™ has three reels and five winning lines. The aim of the game is to achieve three of the same symbol along a line or three dice symbols in any position.


  • Hold feature: The hold feature is triggered by the following symbol combinations:
  • Two Stars or two Clocks on the same winning line
  • Two Dice on two different reels

If one of these combinations occurs during a spin, all the reels on which this symbol appears are locked, and the reel on which the symbol is missing for a complete winning combination is spun again. So you still have a chance of getting a winning combination.

  • Dice feature: Three dice symbols in any position trigger the dice feature. Click on “Stop” to roll them. Depending on the numbers rolled, you are awarded between one and six win spins – spins that guarantee you winnings. Win spins are played with a stake and the number of lines triggering the game, and can also be won during the dice feature. Four dice symbols trigger the dice feature for a second time.

Key Features

Dice Feature
Free Hold Feature
Double Dice™

Key Data

Game Type
5-line, 3-reel video slot with win spin feature
Desktop Mobile
3 Reels
Fruits, Dice

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