Interview – What makes Greentube A Great Place To Work

Interview – What makes Greentube A Great Place To Work

The results are in! Greentube has been certified in eight countries. In addition to our headquarters in Vienna, Greentube UK, Greentube Malta and Admiral Sport Italy were among those eight companies within the Greentube group, and as three of Greentube’s biggest subsidiaries, we met  up with their HR partners to discuss the results, further steps and why the GPTW survey is so important for creating a healthy and happy working atmosphere.

Congratulations on the positive outcomes. How happy are you with these results for your location?

Angela Sammut, Head of HR, Greentube Malta: We’re absolutely delighted! It is always gratifying to see the results of everyone’s hard work come full circle. This is not only an achievement for HR but for the Greentube community as a whole. For Greentube Malta, this is the third year that we achieved this certification, which is a fantastic achievement.

Cara Royce, HR, Training & Development Manager, Greentube UK: It is wonderful to be certified at the first attempt. At Greentube UK, we have always prided ourselves on our teamwork and company values, and that has really shown in these results.

Claudia Leoni, HR Manager, Admiral Sport Italy: I am truly proud of the results achieved by Greentube, and being among the eight certified countries is a significant accomplishment for Admiral Sport. Our journey has been akin to that of a “start-up” since the acquisition by Greentube in February 2022. Successfully navigating this transformation in just two years, without causing undue stress to our employees and implementing a radical change in our approach, fills me with pride and reinforces the belief that we are moving in the right direction.

Were the results what you expected?

AS: After the last two years, we already knew what needed to be improved in order to achieve better results, and these really are the best results we’ve ever had. We have seen  improvements across every single area, so we couldn’t be happier!

CR: As this was our first time participating, there were a few areas that were a little surprising, but now that we have been made aware of these, we can continue to develop and improve during 2024, and that is the reason why this survey is so important. New projects are already being implemented to positively affect these areas such as training and development opportunities and staff engagement.

CL: As this was our first time as well, it was a great indicator that we are implementing effective business practices and policies.

Where is Greentube performing especially well in your subsidiary?

AS: At Greentube Malta, team spirit plays a big part in our culture. It helps us foster an environment of excellence while still remaining humble and friendly and a place where people are happy to work.

CR: At Greentube UK, it was amazing to see the results for the camaraderie section, both the managers and staff work hard to ensure we are an inclusive, accepting and fun place to work and this has really shown. We were also very proud to see our 100% areas such as it being a safe working environment, having all materials and equipment needed to get the job done and staff working together.

CL: What particularly stands out is the fact that our employees feel both protected and proud to be part of our organization, reflecting the successful implementation of our new approach.

“We have seen  improvements across every single area, so we couldn’t be happier!” – Angela Sammut, Head of HR, Greentube Malta


What are the major areas of improvement?

AS: Remaining a competitive employer in a market like the Maltese iGaming sector is tough and can be challenging as it is extremely fast-paced and dynamic, so this is an area we’re continuously working on.

CR: For us, I think communication is an area we’ll be looking to improve on in the future, especially communication from the management board to ensure everyone has the key information they need.

CL: We are in a similar situation to the UK. For us, communicating common corporate goals has been a critical challenge. Recognizing this, we are actively working on enhancing communication at the board level and implementing a broader strategy focused on leadership and team building.

What has been the biggest learning for you and your team? And how do you plan to act on this?

AS: Overall, our results were extremely positive but our main takeaway is that feedback is key for improvement. The feedback provided by our teams has been the cornerstone of us achieving this success.

CR: I think the major learning for us is that we still have areas to improve, and now we know exactly what those areas are. We’ve already sat down with the leadership team and have started to brainstorm how we can continue to make Greentube UK a great place to work. I think our key lesson from this survey is the importance of not becoming complacent. These results are great, but if we don’t act on the feedback, we won’t improve.

Forgetting the department that you represent for a second, in general, why do you think Greentube is a great employer? What have been your personal, positive experiences?

AS: Greentube is a veteran in the industry, a stable employer where, irrespective of your location, you receive support and great opportunities.

CR: Having joined the company 18 months ago I think what has really stuck out to me is how quickly I felt like a member of the Greentube family. Colleagues became friends, and managers became mentors. I have never felt like ‘just a number’ whilst working here.

CL: Objectively, I believe Greentube is an excellent employer because, the company has demonstrated a consistent commitment to providing an inclusive and growth-oriented work environment. On a personal level, II have experienced strong support from leadership and a focus on skill development. The trust-centered company culture and recognition have positively contributed to my job satisfaction. 

“I have never felt like ‘just a number’ whilst working here” – Cara Royce, HR, Training & Development Manager, Greentube UK

What can Greentube do in the future to continue to be an attractive place to work?

AS: We must continue to work side by side with employees to ensure that decisions are made fairly and in line with their expectations whilst always, of course, considering the balance with business needs.

CR: We already have a lot of exciting projects on the go but certainly reviewing the benefits and rewards package will be on our agenda for 2024.

CL: Greentube needs to continue to invest in employee training and development, promoting a culture of innovation and adaptability. Additionally, listening and reacting to feedback is key.

We all know the challenges of having a global company, cultural differences between teams in different countries, language barriers, etc. Do these differences also exist when it comes to employee satisfaction?

AS: Definitely! As we have culture-specific teams, such as country-specific customer support teams, we can see the variance across cultures and what they need to thrive. But we believe in equity and giving each individual the tools they need to succeed. Employee satisfaction is not a one-size-fits-all.

CR: I can’t speak for my colleagues in other subsidiaries, but being part of a global company with all the exciting opportunities that it brings is seen as a positive here in GTUK.

CL: For Greentube, I think having HR personnel located in different areas helps us address the differences in employee satisfaction. The fact that we collaboratively develop strategies and development plans in a shared workshop each year on a group level allows us to create a common plan that takes into account various perspectives.

What was the most important factor that led to your subsidiary being named a Great Place to Work this year? And does this differ to other countries based on your experiences with the global holding?

AS: Rome wasn’t built in a day, so our success in this year’s survey is a culmination of years of hard work. We need to understand that when it comes to people and the success of an organization, success is a build up of a million tiny things.

CR: I think that a lot of the initiatives, such as the revamped induction, the themed social evenings and the newsletter, have helped foster a better spirit within the company and have had a positive effect on morale.

CL: The most significant factor for me has been employee care and a horizontal approach that allows us to listen to all employees. When we achieve a goal, we truly feel it is shared.

“Our employees feel both protected and proud to be part of our organization” – Claudia Leoni, HR Manager, Admiral Sport Italy

What are the key things a company needs to do in order not only to retain, but continue to develop, motivate and inspire employees?

AS: Keep a finger on the pulse, check in often and evolve with the needs of the business. A proactive approach to people ensures that we are always one step ahead of their needs.

CR: Whilst there will always be some base requirements that impact these areas, we see more and more that staff are individuals with their own needs and expectations, both professionally and personally. With this in mind, it is imperative we engage with our employees and empower them to help lead the way in HR-related projects.

CL: To retain, develop, motivate, and inspire employees, it is essential to provide opportunities for professional growth, recognition for a job well done, and an environment that fosters collaboration.

How do you see leadership within your subsidiary and the relationship between managers and employees? What are you currently doing to foster positive relationships within this area?

AS: We work very hard to empower our managers to lead their teams in an equitable human way. This is done through learning and development and providing constant support built through an environment of trust. We also truly believe in a respectful open-door policy, and a flat structure.

CR: We were very happy to see employees feel this is an inclusive place of work in accordance with the results of GPTW, but we will continue to train both managers and staff alike with the soft skills conducive to great working relationships.

CL: To foster positive relationships, we are implementing training programs for managers, focusing on relationship management and creating an inclusive environment. Additionally, we encourage open communication and feedback sharing to ensure a continuous flow of information between managers and employees.

Thank you, Angela, Cara and Claudia, for sharing these valuable insights. Follow us on our social media channels and watch this space for more information about HR knowledge and opinions, career opportunities and in-depth analysis on the World of Greentube,