Company Day 2018: Greentube at its best

Every year, Greentubers look forward to two big events: the Christmas Party and the Company Day. Fun, entertaining and relaxing, these events are highlights that no-one wants to miss.

This year’s Company Day, celebrated at the Country & Sports Club Vienna on June 8th, was particularly special because of Greentube’s 20-year anniversary. To mark this milestone, the event differed from previous years with the day split into a business-related part and an activity part.

It all began with a big breakfast and a look back at the company’s journey over the last 20 years. The employees then had the chance to take their pick from a variety of themed workshops: Casino Challenge, Slot Crash Course, Sportsbook, Nutrition or Fitness in the Office. The workshops were followed by two brilliant keynote speeches held by Anna Karin Vesterberg (Development Lead Paid Product Area – Spotify) and Ali Malohji (Founder & Chief Storyteller – Watchado) on the topics of innovation and potential development in the digital age.

In the afternoon, Greentube got active with a wide range of fun activities including football, beach volleyball, tennis, Giant Walk, boccia and crossfit. The employees were free to choose what they fancied, and had the opportunity to try several activities over the course of the afternoon. Lounging by the pool, cooling off in the water and cheering on colleagues were also options. Delicious food and drinks were available throughout, beginning with lunch and ending with a dinner buffet.

Once again, the Company Day was a great opportunity to get to know colleagues we don’t usually meet on a day-to-day basis, and let our hair down for a few hours. Around 330 employees from across the Greentube Group attended this event and made it a day to remember.

Simply put: this was Greentube at its best.

If you missed the fun, we’ll catch you at the 2018 Christmas Party ;-)!