1-2-3 Bingo!™

Increase your winning chances with this classic online Bingo!

1-2-3 Bingo!™

1-2-3 Bingo!™ is a classic online Bingo game that is designed very clearly and user-friendly without losing its appeal. Apart from the usual Bingo patterns, 1-2-3 Bingo!™ offers the opportunity to buy extra balls to increase your winning chances and the chance to crack the Jackpot.


The aim with 1-2-3 Bingo!™ is to get the pre-determined winning patterns on up to six Bingo cards! 30 of 50 balls will be drawn per stake. If a player lands a Bingo with the first 26 balls, then they win the Jackpot.


Extra balls
If a pattern consisting of two or more lines can be completed with one more ball, a player has the chance to buy up to eleven extra balls. These additional balls might also contain Joker balls that enable a player to select a number they need to complete a pattern.
1-2-3 Bingo!™ provides the option to change your stakes during the Extra Ball-Feature and therefore increase your chances for winnings!

If a player has a Bingo following one draw with 26 balls, they earn the Jackpot.

Key Features

Up to 11 extra balls can be bought
1 up to 6 bingo cards
Change bet in extra ball mode
Joker ball → player can select his own number
Multiple bingo's possible with single ball
Talisman → player can select his own talisman
1-2-3 Bingo!™

Key Data

Game Type
50 ball Latin American bingo game
Desktop Mobile

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