Big Runner™

Fruits and Stars shake a leg for you to get winnings!

About Big Runner™

Big Runner™ takes up the well-known and popular idea of fruit slots and adds a new touch: apart from the usual suspects such as Plums, Strawberries and Bells the reels are frequented by a Star symbol, which appears in addition to certain symbols and increases your winning chances. Also, you can land the required combination of three on five reels – can you make it any easier for Lady Luck?

Big Runner™

Your aim with Big Runner™ is to land three identical symbols along 24 win lines. The winning patterns run from left to right. They are divided into groups of eight on reels one to three, two to four and three to five.

Overlaid Star Symbols

The ‘Star’ symbols lay over four other symbols (shown on the left) and pay the top win if any combination of 3 of these symbols occurs on one of the 24 win lines.

Bonus Symbols

Every combination of three consisting of an ORANGE, PLUM, PEAR or BELL symbol with a STAR symbol pays like three regular STARS appearing on a win line.

  • Overlaid Star symbols pay the top win

Game Type
5-reel, 4-row basic slot game
Desktop Mobile
5 Reels