Bruno Bingo™

Bingo has never been so fluffy!

Bruno Bingo™

In Bruno Bingo, the friendly bear, Bruno, is guarding over your winning patterns, distributes the balls on your cards and sweetens the hunt for the right combinations with extra balls, Joker balls and bonus games. But you’ll only get the bear to dance when you land a Bingo with 30 balls – because then you crack the jackpot!

Bonus game
Create a bonus pattern and the bear bonus game starts, in which you can try your luck on the wheel of fortune. Click on the ‘Spin’ button or on Bruno the Bear to spin the wheel. You get each win which is displayed at the top on the wheel, below the arrow, and can also win extra spins.

Bruno Bingo has a progressive jackpot: If you achieve a Bingo with the first 30 balls with all four cards enabled, you land the jackpot win. The size of the jackpot depends on your stakes. With the maximum possible stake, you’ll get 100% of the jackpot. With lower stakes, your share of the jackpot will be calculated accordingly.

Key Features

Up to 4 bingo cards
Up to 11 extra balls can be bought
Joker ball
bonus games
Free extra balls
Bruno Bingo™

Key Data

Game Type
Latin Bingo Game
Desktop Mobile

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