Crazy Cactus

This game ensures huge amounts of hot winnings!

Crazy Cactus

A dancing cactus under the Mexican sun, 40 Bingo balls and 12 winning patterns – with Crazy Cactus Bingo, this cocktail will not only ensure a hot fiesta, but also huge amounts of hot winnings!

Your aim is to earn the given winning patterns on up to 4 bingo cards. With your bet amount 30 bingo balls are drawn, where the numbers are marked in accordance to your bingo cards with an ‘X’ – if the marks result in a winning pattern, you win! By using more credits you can call up to 10 further bingo balls in order to further bolster your wins.

Crazy Cactus Bingo bonus game
If you have accumulated all of the numbers on a bingo card (‘Bingo’) or the ‘Bonus’ pattern, then the Dynamite Bingo bonus game starts which has more chances to win! Just click on the sombreros to reveal the instant prizes hidden behind.

Crazy Cactus

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Latin Bingo Game

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