Diamond Link™: Mighty Dwarves Inc.

Heigh-ho heigh-ho, it’s off to riches we go!

About Diamond Link™: Mighty Dwarves Inc.

Experience the Diamond Link™ series like never before in the latest addition to the collection Diamond Link™ Mighty Dwarves Inc. Follow the colorful cast of characters on their mission to mine treasures and trigger features! Staying true to the game series, this title comes with an exciting Diamond Link™ feature where 4 jackpots are up for grabs. In addition, the explosive Crazy Bomb Bros feature is not to be missed!

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Diamond Link™: Mighty Dwarves Inc.

Diamond Link™: Mighty Dwarves inc. is played on 5 reels and 3 rows, with 25 lines always in play.

If the player lands 6 or more Diamonds in one spin, they will travel down to the depths and are awarded 3 Free Spins in the Diamond Link™ Feature. If the player lands 5 Diamonds, a second chance Respin feature is triggered to land that elusive 6th Diamond, wherein the player spins all available positions except the 5 Diamonds, which are locked in place, after all previous winnings have been paid out.

Another feature in the base game is the Crazy Bomb Bros Feature.


Crazy Bomb Bros Feature

The two brothers, Cinder and Tinder, can only land on reels 1 and 5 respectively. If both land on the same spin, they trigger an explosion and 4-10 diamond particles fly into the air, which can affect the other symbols currently in view. Any other symbol that is hit by this explosion awards a Scatter Prize, and Diamonds award the Value which is shown on them.
Additionally, the Top symbol has a special synergy with the Crazy Bomb Bros feature. If the Top symbol, Dale, is partially in view and hit, each position Dale occupies pays out 10x the player’s total bet. If Dale is fully visible on the reel however, and a position he occupies is hit, it will pay 20x the player’s total bet for each position.


Diamond Link™ Feature

Landing 6 Diamonds in one spin in the base game awards the Diamond Link™ Feature, which is played on a 5×5 grid and an additional horizontal top reel. Diamonds from the base game are locked in the top 3 rows of the grid. Only the top horizontal reel spins during the Diamond Link™ Feature and 5 different types of carts can land on it:

  • Empty Cart: doesn’t have any values or effects.
  • Small Diamond Cart: adds +1x, +2x or +5x the total bet to all Diamonds on the reels directly below except Jackpot Diamonds.
  • Giga Diamond Cart: multiplies Diamonds on the reels directly below by 2x, 3x or 5x, except Jackpot Diamonds.
  • Laser Cart: unlocks the nearest locked position on the reel below and resets the remaining Free Spins back to 3 if a new Diamond was revealed.
  • Collector Cart: collects all Diamonds except Jackpot Diamonds from the reel below to the Collector Bonus sign.

If the player manages to unlock an entire reel of Diamonds, and lands a Laser Cart on that reel again, 1x the player’s bet will be sent to the Collector Bonus sign each time it happens.
And of course, if the player manages to reveal all 25 Diamonds on the grid, they will be awarded the Grand Jackpot, in addition to all the other Diamond Values and the Collector Bonus Value.

  • Crazy Bomb Bros Feature
  • Re-spin Feature
  • Diamond Link™ Feature

Game Type
Video slot, 5 reels, 25 lines
Desktop Mobile
5 Reels
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