Gold Runner™

Do you want to decide how much risk you take?

About Gold Runner™

Do you love an authentic casino feel? In this case, Gold Runner could be just the slot for you: In this fruit slot with a realistic look you determine the number of reels and pay lines with your stakes. Pay special attention to the double symbols: If any three symbols with a star appear on one of the lines you take home meteoric winnings!

Gold Runner™

Gold Runner can be played for a bet of 5, 10, 15 or 20 coins. You can select your own coin value.

Bet 5 is played on 3 reels and 5 win lines.
Bet 10 is played on 4 reels and 10 win lines.
Bet 15 is played on 7 reels and 15 win lines.
Bet 20 is played  on all 8 reels and 20 win lines.

Your aim in Gold Runner is to line up 3 identical winning symbols on one of the win lines running from left to right. The ‘Star’ symbol scores the highest winnings.

In Gold Runner you can play on three, four, seven or eight reels with five, ten, 15 or 20 win lines, just as you wish: Your stakes decide how many reels and lines you activate.

Bonus symbol

The STAR symbol appears jointly with other symbols; any three symbols with a STAR on a win line pay the STAR symbol win!


All winnings are counted to the ‘Total’ meter. The value of the ‘Total’ meter is divided over the 10 small meters. The small meters have no real function but are only there to refer to the land based game.

  • Bet 5 is played on 3 Reels
  • Bet 10 is played on 4 Reels
  • Bet 15 is played on 7 Reels
  • Bet 20 is played on 8 Reels
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Game Type
AWP style slot, 3 to 8 reels and up to 20 win lines
Desktop Mobile
5 Reels, 3 Reels, 4 Reels, 6 Reels