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With Pharao’ s Bingo you are the architect of the fortune!

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With Pharao’s Bingo you are the architect of the fortune: The cash till rings as soon as you complete one or more pyramids with 33 balls. When you have completed your construction projects you could be looking at a golden jackpot!

Experience the entertaining numbers classic in the South American slot machine variant. The aim is to complete as many pyramids as possible. 33 bingo balls are drawn after placing the stake. If the numbers match with those on the building blocks of the pyramid, then they will be marked off – as soon as you complete an outside line, there will be a win! If you have a line on a card and another line is nearly complete, 9 extra Bingo balls can be bought to increase the winnings! If the user manages to get a full pyramid within 30 bingo balls, the jackpot is cracked!