Sparkling Fruit Match 3 XMAS EDITION

Time for explosive winnings!

About Sparkling Fruit Match 3 XMAS EDITION

Why wait until December to begin feeling festive? There’s always room for cookies, loads of laughter and – of course – presents! Playing Sparkling Fruit Xmas Edition certainly feels like unwrapping a big present: all that players need to do in order to win big is clear win symbols from the board by matching at least 3 symbols. Also in the mix are three exciting special symbols which make playing this match 3 game even more fun. Winter sleigh rides are so yesterday – matching identical fruits can spread even more festive cheer!

Sparkling Fruit Match 3 XMAS EDITION

Try your chance in this hot 7-rows, 8-column match game. Create a match of 3 or more symbols of the same color by switching two non-diagonal neighboring symbols. Symbols in match explode and new symbols fall from the top into the game board. There are win values from 0,5 to 200 times bet.

Win Symbols: After every move, there is a chance for a win symbol to drop onto the board. You gather a win symbol by matching them with the same colour or by hitting them with the explosion of a special symbol. Every win symbol gathered by you has its value added to your credit.

Matching SymbolsSymbols fall onto the board from above. If 3 identical symbols form a vertical or horizontal match, then they are cleared from the board. If 4 or 5 symbols can be aligned in one of the formations, then they are cleared from the board and depending on the formation – additional special symbols are created.

Cross Special    

Cross Special symbols look like gift-wrapped, cubic fruits and appear when a match of 4 identical symbols is cleared either horizontally or vertically. Combined with 2 further symbols of identical colour, they can clear the entire row and columns they lie upon.

Bomb Special

Bomb Special symbols look like bombs and appear when the shape of an L or T made up of 5 identical symbols is cleared. Moving the Bomb symbol causes 12 surrounding symbols to be cleared immediately.

Bell Special

Bell Special symbols appear when the player clears a match of 5 vertically or horizontally aligned symbols. Swapping a Bell symbol with any other symbol causes all symbols of an identical colour to turn into Bells as well, clearing them from the board instantly.

  • Special Symbols
  • Santa Feature

Game Type
7-rows, 8-column match game
Desktop Mobile
Fruits, Christmas