Great Place to Work ®: Greentube ranked in the top 5 in its category of the 45 Best Workplaces ™ Austria 2023

Greentube, the NOVOMATIC Interactive division, proudly took part in this year’s Award Night Best Workplaces™  Austria 2023 into the top 5 companies for its category


The Award Night Best Workplaces™  Austria 2023  recently took place at Globe, Marx Halle in Vienna. For the first time, members of Greentube’s HR, ESG and Corporate Marketing departments were in attendance to celebrate the company making it into the top 5 for the Best Workplace ™ in the category XL ‘500+ employees’.

This is a massive milestone for the company and is once again proof of the fantastic work being done on all levels to ensure that Greentube remains an attractive place to work and continues to improve from year to year based on the valuable feedback provided by everyone in the company.

Ranking in the 45 Best Workplaces™  Austria is Greentube’s best result so far in the three years of taking part in the Great Place to Work ® certification process.

Sandra Zeinlinger, Director of Group Employee Services at Greentube, already has her sights set on bigger and better things for next year and had this to say about the result: We are overwhelmed by this amazing result which reflects Greentube as an employer of choice. A supportive management board, dedicated managers and employees who are not only doing a great job every day but also contributing to an environment of respect, team spirit, and fun is key to being an attractive employer. We have always known that Greentube is an exciting place to work, and it’s great that we’re getting recognition on a wider scale and the hard work our teams put in. Our Group Employee Services teams, for example, have contributed immensely to this huge success by improving our services and implementing new initiatives constantly and especially through their dedication to our people.

Being top 5 in the category of +500 employees motivates us to achieve an even higher ranking and eventually make it to the very top.

The full list of results, photos and videos can be found on the official Great Place to Work ® website