Greentube’s restaurant provides for those in need!

Greentube takes great pride in being able to inform you of the selfless and charitable activities carried out by two of its esteemed restaurant team during the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis.

With the Greentube canteen closed as part of the safety measures, our Chef Udo, supported by Inge from his team, decided to provide their expertise for a good cause at the Vienna ‘Gruft’, a care centre for the homeless run by Caritas.

At the start of May, the duo used their time to cook meals (one main dish and one dessert) for the homeless at Greentube’s kitchen. These were then delivered to the ‘Gruft’ by Greentube’s #greenmachine, where they were distributed to those in need.

This is another example of the wonderful team spirit and togetherness our Greentubers have shown in these difficult times. Udo and Inge have led by example and honoured to have them in our Greentube family.

#GreenMachine #togetherapart #foragoodcause