A look at ICE London 2024 and beyond with Lisa Sandner, Regional Manager at Greentube

With this year's ICE 2024 being held in London for the very last time, we sat down with Lisa Sandner, Regional Manager within the Sales and Key Account Management team at Greentube, to talk about what she's looking forward to at this year's event, what games people should look out for and more.


Greentube will be presenting a number of key games at ICE London 2024, one of the main being Diamond Link™: Almighty Kraken. Tell us a bit about why this game is so exciting?

Adding another game to one of our best-performing slot series is always exciting. Because of its underwater theme and the different direction we took with game characters and animations, we expect it to be a great addition to the other well-performing games in the Diamond Link™ Series.

What other games will Greentube be presenting at the event that customers should keep an eye out for?

Starlight Jackpots™ Athena Goddess of War™. It is the first game of the Starlight Jackpot Series made by Greentube UK and we’re really excited about this one, so definitely check it out.

2024 will be the last ICE to take place in London. What’s your favourite memory from the event over the years?

It’s just amazing to meet almost everyone from the industry and catch up at ICE. For me, it is mind-blowing to see how big our team has become since 2020, as well as our customer base. ICE is an event where all of us (from the Global Sales and Key Account team) attend, along with many other colleagues from around the globe. So, there are lots of meetings happening, not only with clients but with colleagues as well. It really is impressive to see what we have achieved over the years.

How do you feel about the change of location? Will the move be beneficial for ICE to remain one of the leading events in the industry?

That’s a very difficult question to answer. ICE London has always been a special place for me, and for Greentube as well. Of course, ICE needs to stay competitive and meet the needs and demands of both the attendees and the exhibitors themselves. I think ICE will continue to be one of the most successful shows and I’m as excited to see ICE in Barcelona as I am sad to see it leave London. But I think it will definitely offer some new and exciting opportunities and perhaps bring a new audience to the show.

What are your hopes and expectations for this final event in London to give it a great send-off?

I am looking forward to having many successful meetings, a fantastic time with customers, celebrating and reminiscing about all the nice memories we’ve made during the ICE shows over the years, as well as making a few new ones as well!

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