Magnificent Merlin™ is now available for our B2B partners!

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An air of mystery and magic has filled the halls of the Home of Games as we welcome the greatest wizard ever known, Merlin, to the reels in the online casino game, Magnificent Merlin™! This slot is now available for all B2B partners!


Magnificent Merlin™ offers extremely powerful magical winning potential with 576 different ways to win and a breathtaking Bonus Spins feature game that truly is a thing of awe!


The Bonus Spins feature is Merlin’s secret weapon in his quest to deliver riches to those who pass his tests, offering players the chance to win one of four jackpots or up to 40x their total bet. The feature also comes with a +1 Row Coin that adds another row to the feature and a Multiplier Coin, which increases the multiplier on the left-hand side of the reels.


Discover everything this wonderful slot has to offer now and spins the reels on Magnificent Merlin™!