Barbara Zemann celebrates 20 years at Greentube!

Barbara Zemann celebrates 20 years at Greentube!

Greentube’s Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Manager, Barbara Zemann, recently recorded TWENTY YEARS at Greenube. With amazing feat in mind, we decided to catch up with her and talk about how the company has changed over the two decades, why she loves working at Greentube and much more.

20 years is a long time! Did you expect to be at Greentube for so long when you first joined?

No, not at all!  I started at Greentube with a student job as a customer support agent answering email inquiries. I initially only worked a couple of hours per week. At the time, I didn’t really think about how long I wanted to stay with the company, and  I definitely didn’t expect to stay more than twenty years!


What was your initial impression of the company?

When I applied at Greentube back in 2002, our office was quite small, located in a former bike shop and could easily have been mistaken for an internet café. It actually really happened that people thought we were an internet café and just entered our office! There were just a handful of people and the atmosphere was really friendly and welcoming.

What has been the major reason for you staying at the company for so long?

Probably the feeling of “not being just a number” despite the fact that the company has grown a lot since 2002. The whole company has undergone a lot of changes, but the “Greentube Family” mentality still exists. I think that’s the main reason why I enjoy working for Greentube so much.

Barbara takes her passion for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability seriously. Here she is delivering pet food for charity.


You’ve seen the company in many different iterations and locations. What do you think has changed the most over the years?

Definitely the company size! As I said, Greentube was very small when I first joined, it was almost sort of a small start-up; nowadays, it’s part of a huge group of companies. Things of course work in a totally different way in such a huge corporation compared to a tiny start-up. 

If you had to sum up the company in three words, what would they be?

Diverse, open, young.

If there’s one favourite memory from the past 20 years at Greentube, what is it and why?

There are so many great memories I have gathered during the past 20 years. It’s impossible to pick a favourite one! There were a lot of fun moments during legendary Greentube parties and also while working with my old team.

Thank you very much Barbara for your time, and we look forward to many more years working with you as the organizer of great initiatives, charity drives and donations and much more!