Sandra Zeinlinger discusses Greentube’s Great Place To Work Results

Sandra Zeinlinger discusses Greentube’s Great Place To Work Results

The results are in, Greentube has once again been certified as a Great Place to Work! But what does that really mean? How did we achieve this and what has the company learned from these results We caught up with our Director of Group Employee Services, Sandra Zeinlinger, to get her answers to these questions and much more.

With the results now available to look at, how do you feel in general about how Greentube performed? Was it what you expected?

We are very happy to see an overall improvement and positive trend across all five dimensions of Great Place to Work® – Credibility, Respect, Pride, Camaraderie, and Fairness. The key metric Trust Index©, which comprises all responses from the Great Place to Work® questionnaire, reflects an increase in comparison to the previous year.

What is especially evident is that our organization has shown remarkable strength and has exceeded benchmark standards in critical areas such as welcoming new employees, which has a significant impact on employee retention. Also, teamwork and fun at work exceeded the benchmark, same as work-life balance and training offers, which we consider to be of utmost importance.

This overall outcome was expected due to the work we did in 2022 based on the feedback we received from the last survey. Our employees had some great ideas and we focused on implementing initiatives based on that feedback. To give just one example, we introduced a new benefit called “Öffi Ticket” (subsidised public transportation), which was one of the measures proposed in the previous survey.

Where do you think Greentube is performing especially well, and what do you think are the major areas of improvement?

We have huge diversity within the Greentube group. Our employees from over 60 different countries can be themselves around here, and this is what contributes to the overall well-being and to the Greentube spirit and company culture. Our colleagues also value the flexibility they are given when it comes to taking time off and balancing their personal and professional lives.

“It is important to maintain our strengths and not rest on our laurels simply because we had outstanding survey outcomes.”

What were you most surprised about regarding the feedback?

While I wasn’t necessarily surprised by the results, I was pleased to see the improvement compared to the previous year. It is a reflection of the efforts put forward by the organization to value the feedback provided by employees, whether it is from the Great Place to Work® survey or provided throughout the year. The implementation of the HR Business Partner concept for each business vertical has also contributed to a more positive and engaging workplace by strengthening the alignment with the business and enhancing our understanding of the organization’s strengths and challenges. Moving forward, we will continue to monitor feedback closely and take action to ensure that our employees have the best possible workplace experience.

What has been the key learning for you and for Greentube?

I’ve learned that a year between the Great Place to Work® surveys can be a relatively short timeframe to fully implement new initiatives. We have to take the time to thoroughly process feedback and collaborate with managers and our HR experts to derive meaningful and sustainable measures. We have been fortunate to have some quick wins along the way as well this year, though. For instance, we were swiftly able to bring back a specific benefit platform that employees had been requesting.

What can Greentube do in the future to continue to be an attractive place to work at?

Firstly, it is important to maintain our strengths and not rest on our laurels simply because we had outstanding survey outcomes. We have no intention of standing still, and we will continue to seek improvements and new initiatives. Lastly, we will closely monitor the job market and emerging trends and assess if there is anything we can adapt to make Greentube an even more attractive workplace.

Thank you very much Sandra for your time and here’s to another year of Greentube as a Great Place to Work! 

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