Bingo 10™

Earn as many balls as possible!

Bingo 10™

How about a game of Bingo to relax? The aim with Bingo 10 is to earn as many balls as possible with numbers that match the numbers on your winning card. So far, so good – but the trick with Bingo 10 is that 44 balls can be drawn at once and at best you can buy additional extra balls to complete your winning combos. Those extra balls might contain a couple of Joker balls that give you a free rein when choosing numbers. And the best part is: If you can complete a Bingo pattern after just one draw the Bingo 10 jackpot is yours!

Key Features

1 up to 4 Bingo Cards
Joker Ball - Player can select his own number
Exciting Extra Ball unveiling for bingo shots
Up to 10 extra balls can be bought
Player can select his own lucky talisman
Bingo 10™

Key Data

Game Type
75 ball American style bingo game
Desktop Mobile

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