Active in the Community

We believe it is our responsibility to play an active part in the communities in which we operate. Greentube is involved with a variety of non-profit initiatives and supports employee volunteering programmes and activities.


Check out our latest initiatives here:

21 February 2022

Greentube donates to Kleine Herzen 

Learning and education are essential and should be available to everyone. Therefore, we are extremely proud to announce that Greentube has once again contributed to the NGO 'Kleine Herzen' (Little Hearts) and their Cambodia education center project. 
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11 February 2022

Greentube & the Ö3 Wundertüte: Turning old phones and tablets into donations

Greentube asked its Greentubers to contribute their old phones and tablets and participate in the Ö3 Wundertüte initiative.
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7 February 2022

Greentube achieves additional G4 accreditation for key websites

We are extremely pleased to announce that Greentube has received recertification for Greentube GmbH and Greentube Malta Ltd, and has also been granted additional certifications for four key websites
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19 February 2021

Bringing light to little hearts: Kleine Herzen & Greentube!

Kleine Herzen (German for “little hearts”) is an NGO with the aim to help children in Russia, Ukraine and Cambodia. Their works has benefitted those who need it the most since 2006, and their tireless engagement has been truly exemplary. Greentube recently donated 10.000 EUR to a project supporting children in Cambodia specifically, where Kleine
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18 February 2021

Turning old hardware into new opportunities: Greentube donates!

It is not old news that Greentube makes donations of our hardware and we’re sure it will be making headlines again soon! But today, we’d like to call attention to an initiative started by one of our Greentube employees. Thanks to their initiative, several sets of workstations, screens, and a printer were refurbished by Greentube’s
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