Catch a Fish

Land the biggest winnings in this Bingo variant!

Catch a Fish

Are you a fishing and Bingo fan? Then Catch a Fish is the game for you: Combine your favourite two pastimes! Cast your line and fish in the overflowing pond: 30 regular balls and up to 13 extra balls are the bait with which you can land huge winnings. With a little luck, you could trigger the bonus game. And with even more, you could hit the jackpot!

For the winnings to bite, you need a winning pattern on one of the four Bingo cards. For every stake, 30 balls will be drawn. If the numbers on the balls match those on your cards, they’ll be marked off. As soon as the marked off numbers form a complete pattern, you’ll be a winner. After the regular draw, you’ll have the opportunity to buy up to 13 extra balls to increase your chances of winning even further.

Key Features

Progressive Jackpot
Up to 4 bingo cards
Free extra balls
Up to 13 extra balls can be bought
Fishing Bonus Round
Catch a Fish

Key Data

Game Type
60 ball Latin Bingo Game

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